I 36 best moments of True Blood – Part 3 – by S.


June has always been the month of the return of the Vampire True Blood and this first year without them causes us some’ of melancholy; the ’ is perfect opportunity to dust off the memories of Louisiana, and after the prima And the second part, We conclude today l ’ list of best moments of the series.

12) Unexpected pairs and gay scenes have several views, But Jason and Eric exceeds the boundary of ’ really absurd (7×02)


11) Arlene and Terry are one of the favorite couples from all, one of the most normal of Bon Temps (più o meno); for this was very sad and very sweet Arlene uncertain scene between live without his great love or reach the ghost of Terry (7×04)


10) Bill and Lorena had an affair, We say, particular, and the same can be said of the scene where Sookie kills the maker of her man (3×07)


9) disgusting scenes (EC) no ’ is for everyone, for example, Eric decides to drink from a heart just ripped from the body of the rightful owner, as a fresh cocktail in a quiet summer evening (4×11)


8) with entire seasons dedicated to Bill triangle-Sookie-Eric, the least you could expect was a ménage à trois, It does not matter that it was all a hallucination ’ (4×09)

7) Alcide's main function has always been to be shirtless, but it was impossible not to become attached to this werewolf and remain indifferent to his death (7×04)


6) Pam in: “my mad face and my happy face are the same” (5×08)

5) “I love you… Jason Stackhouse!!”: Steve Newlin finally confesses his omesessualità, so a little unexpected for the ’ lovely wife Sarah (6×09)


4) Lorraine clearly doesn't suffer from neck pain (3×03)

3) to many this wedding seemed a little’ hasty (because of pressing needs narrative), but we all knew that Jessica and Hoyt were made to be together (7×10)


2) Sarah Newlin, a fervent Catholic and psycho, has some of the best jokes of the series; his last unforgettable indecent proposal to Jason: “I seriously believe God wants me to fuck you”. If it says you! (6×05)


1) for Sookie everything is press meeting Bill, and this chapter could only close with Bill death. A loved and hated by the public, but as the scene was heartbreaking I consider the best epilogue ’ the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse (7×10)


Closes here our review's most memorable moments True Blood: listing them all would be impossible, leave us a comment with your favorite scenes and collect all in another post!



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