The best episodes of 2013 – by R. and S.

Waiting on the television schedule resumes definitely its natural rhythm, inaugurate the blog with our personal ranking of the ten best episodes of the TV series aired in 2013:

10. The Big Bang Theory 7×06 – The Romance Resonance

The Serenade of Howard to Bernadette is the pinnacle of love nerd; no one else would have been able to make romantic phrases like "if I did not have you, I would be Jobs without the Wozniak” e “I would be binary code without the one ”. Genius.

9. New Girl 2×10 – Chicago

The only word to describe this episode is "FINALLY". A kiss waited two seasons and that has exceeded expectations, the chemistry between Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson was practically palpable.


8. NCIS 11×02 – Past, Present, Future

Say goodbye to Ziva after ten years was heartbreaking, but even worse was what happened between her and Di Nozzo; even more of Bones and Booth, are the symbol of the "will they, won’t they?", but, despite the inability of the happy ending, the authors concluded the storyline in a way that satisfied all bitter sweet and paid tribute to both characters.


7. Under The Dome 1×12 – Exigent Circumstances

Series criticism (see the stars at last rose that instead of continuing to fall as prophesied, seem to go up to the sky), but the acceleration of events which can be observed in the penultimate episode gives a boost to everything that I personally have finally convinced her to continue the vision. In short, a typical example of that episode to see if and inevitably t'incastra.


6. Dexter 8×04 – Scar Tissue

There is no episode of the final season of Dexter disappointing that merits a special mention, but was still the end of an era; among all, it is worth mentioning "Scar Tissue" for the simple reason that it was very fun to see Deb try to kill his brother instead of always defend him and then complain that I did (as if someone had forced). Obviously, even here then saved.


5. Criminal Minds 8×12 – Tight spot

For a series that does not leave much room for the personal stories of the characters, that of Reid and his sad love, among other things, developed in a very short time, is worthy of a work of Shakespeare; the emotional aftermath (for the characters and for the spectators) the tragedy orchestrated by stalker (honorable mention for Michelle Trachtenberg) are all comparable to those of the death of the wife of Hotch.


4. Grey’s Anatomy 9×24 – Perfect Storm

Meredith Grey is undoubtedly one of the characters of the TV series that has lived the evolution deeper: if we had already amazed with marriage and fought the adoption of small Zola, with childbirth has reached the peak of its growth. About seeing her in the early seasons reluctant even to the idea of ​​a stable relationship with Derek would have never imagined to find them married and happy as they choose the name of the new family member?


3. Revenge 2×22 – Truth

From their first meeting in the pilot is not expected more: that “I’m Amanda Clarke” aimed precisely at Jack, able to make us forget all about revenge. Ten seconds worth the whole episode.


2. The Walking Dead 4×08 – Too Far Gone

Comparable only to the Red Wedding, hold back the tears was (almost) out of the question. It was now known that the Governor was capable of anything and destruction that has created has fully complied with the title of the episode. The “We got to go” Daryl was particularly indicative.


1. Game Of Thrones 3×09 – The Rains Of Castamere

The worst marriage of history: hecatomb, a tragedy, the total destruction of the Stark. Some people come into psychotherapy after watching this episode.


R. & S.


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