The best episodes of 2014 – by R. and S.


We continue our our tradition listing those that were, in our opinion, the best tv episodes aired in 2014. Between time series and new arrivals there is really spoilt for choice, as always, leave us a comment to tell us what would you add and what, instead, you didn't like.

10) The Big Bang Theory 7×24, the sudden departure by Sheldon: the ability of a sitcom, that in itself is made of habits and recurring scenes, is to introduce the change without distorting the reality and what the audience expects from week to week, and that's what happened in this episode: the fire at the comic book store, Leonard and Penny's engagement and a standstill in the career they crumble all certainties of Sheldon, that as the series itself is a person living habits. Although everything seems to change and the departure of Sheldon is a decision completely outside the box, the storyline was developed gently, without causing too much trauma, as the eighth season, where the balance were restored.

big bang

9) Grey's Anatomy 11×04, the true story of Ellis: arrived at the eleventh season, Grey’s been able to give us an episode masterpiece unlike any seen for some time, as proof of its quality and in the face of those who gave to the doomed. Thought we knew everything about Ellis Grey and Richard Webber and instead, in a few minutes, every single scene already has taken on a new meaning and different.

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8) How To Get Away With Murder 1×04, Annalise removes his mask: Murder is one of the best series of the year, with an actress of the highest level, and this scene was undoubtedly one of the most iconic of the season; complex, complicated and seemingly invincible, along with the trick Annalise take that façade, showing injury, humiliated, but also very very angry.


7) True Blood 7×10, Sookie says Goodbye to Bill: as expected, the final episode of the series has received several criticisms, but for us it was a near-perfect final, the only one who could make sense. Despite having supported the couple Sookie-Bill since pilot, the point of True Blood It's not finding love, but accept yourself (and others) for what it is. Sookie has made a significant trip to get to accept his nature of fairy, stay with Bill would mean sacrificing herself, and it wouldn't have been fair. The fact remains that seeing her Pierce her great love with a wooden stake has been pretty sad.


6) Revenge 3×22, This was not only the episode that has revived David Clarke forever changing the course of the series, but also that of some much-needed success of Amanda's plan. 1) Conrad goes on trial and imprisoned for his crimes, then die stabbed at the hands of David when he looks to get by once again. 2) The showdown between Amanda and Victoria: the true identity of the first comes out, but Mrs. Grayson succumbs the ingenuity of his eternal rival, ending up locked in a psychiatric clinic. In both cases the apotheosis of the law of retaliation!


5) Sleepy Hollow 1×13, the finale of the first season reveals even more tragic scenario of the impending Apocalypse for our Ichabod Crane: Henry Parrish, the man who worked alongside for so many episodes, not only is the Horseman of War, servant of the demon Moloch, But it's his son Jeremy, of which until recently ignored the existence. One of television's most exciting cliffhanger last season.


4) Homeland 4×09, in this episode there was around: hostage exchange to heart-pounding, explosions at the expense of the protagonists, the invasion of an Embassy is inaccessible and plans revealed. A breathless episode which made it the fourth season of Homeland the coolest ever, proving that you can keep going even beyond Brody.


3) The Walking Dead 5×01, one of the most anticipated returns for the new season and that has absolutely lived up to expectations (also making record). If the destruction of Terminus – which proves the truth of Rick Grimes “They're screwing with the wrong people” – It is not enough, We think the reunion with the main group to make the unforgettable episode: Carol (that is consecrated “the most badass female character” of the show) and Tyreese, but mostly the small Judith He finally returned in the arms of Dad and brother.


2) Game Of Thrones 4×06, the process of Tyrion: Tyrion has always been one of the most beloved characters and the skill of his interpreter is now known, but in this episode Peter Dinklage has outdone himself: with characteristic boldness and courage of someone who has nothing left to lose, Tyrion invective lays bare all the distortions and hypocrisy of not only King's Landing, but every single person who has had a role in her life, cynical Dad at the treacherous Shae.

1) True Detective 1×05, the episode that I was definitively conquered: the (apparent) solution of the case, the evolution of the personal stories of the two protagonists, a seed of doubt that Rust can be the killer (I didn't believe even for a moment); all structured in a narrative that jumps between past (2 times past with the facts of the 1995 and those of the 2002) and present to confirm what theorized by McCounaghey's character in one of his wonderful monologues: “Time is a flat circle“.



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