The best episodes of 2015


We keep the cherished end of year charts! Today we present the most beautiful episodes of ’ year; You can refresh your memory with those of 2013 and of the 2014, but among fantasy battles, unexpected deaths and surreal atmospheres on 2015 you really outdid!

15) American Horror Story: Hotel, 5×01 “Checking In”, Welcome to Hotel Cortez.


For years now, Ryan Murphy has accustomed us to the première shocking and disturbing moments that often surround the entire season; with Hotel you have exceeded. Murphy had announced that Max Greenfield would be central "in the most disturbing scenes we've ever done" and I can't blame him on this definition: the actor ’ New Girl It's really the most shocking scene. But winning this title was not simple, the one in the room of two Swedes and particularly bloody group sex with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer, they gave him trouble.

14) Once Upon A Time, 4×23 “Operation Mongoose (2)”, Dark Swan.


The dagger of the Dark One has a new name engraved upon himself, to Emma Swan. After a long fight four seasons to gain confidence in themselves and in others, Emma “yields” all ’ darkness to save Queen. The show ABC thus avoids the risk again looming tossing and turning on itself, giving rise to the most important turning point of my four years in Storybrooke. In fact, all new air breathes so series, with a scenario reversed compared to the origins: Emma was coming to Storybrooke as Savior to defeat the Evil Queen, now it becomes Dark Swan just to save his now old foe.

13) Salem, 2×13 “The Witching Hour”, the finale of the second season.


Salem I'm surprised at every episode, Select one of them is very difficult, but undoubtedly the finale of the second season reached important and unexpected narrative lashed. The coming of the Dark Lord has truly accomplished, While Mary and John, just finding each other, have permanently lost their child and maybe even the future together (di nuovo). If the end of Mary is the most heartbreaking and controversial, the transformation of Anne marks an evolution on which up to two episodes before I never gambled and candida to replace Tituba as most hated character on the show. Oh right, CC Tituba!

12) Revenge, 4×22 “Two Graves”, the series finale.


Amanda Clarke completes his journey of revenge with a conclusion to the limits of perfection. Suspense, fear, tears and joy are not lacking for a final series that concluded fully the cycle started four years before. Over the seasons dubbie deviations from the path there have been, but everything is rewarded with this epilogue which achieved what we had dreamed since the pilot and gave justice to the discussed plot twist of the resurrection of David Clarke.

11) Wayward Pines, 1×05 “The Truth”, the truth about Wayward Pines.


L ’ episode that has definitively confirmed the success of the show FOX. Only five episodes from the premiere was first revealed the whole truth about the town of Wayward Pines, its people and her surroundings. L ’ year 4028, the abbies, l ’ hibernation solve with a single spin every mystery that arose in previous weeks. A brave decision and appreciated by critics and audiences and also determines an ’ important paradigm shift in the vision of the series: no longer the mystery at the Centre of the show, but the way in which the population was facing the new State.

10) The Big Bang Theory, 9×11 “The Opening Night Excitation”, the first time Amy and Sheldon.


An important episode for the happy event but also for the quality of the writing: l ’-year wait was a substantial burden, that could create expectations too high and unrealistic. Instead the authors made, come sempre, a great job, by entering the first time Amy and Sheldon at the end of a process of maturation of both, at the right time and with the necessary sweetness, without ever becoming mushy and balancing it with the perfect dose of irony.

9) Modern Family, 6×16 “Connection Lost”, an episode through the laptop by Claire.


One of the most innovative of the last tv season episodes, filmed entirely through the laptop and webcam of Claire. For a sitcom that explores the life of a modern family, could not miss an episode that illustrates the communication nowadays. A bet that is brilliant in terms of construction and narration, but just as on that strictly comedy: “Connection Lost” It is also one of the funniest episodes of the sixth season due to misunderstanding about pregnancy and marriage of Hailey that generates confusion in the whole family.

8) Grey’s Anatomy, 11×21 “How To Save a Life”, the death of Derek.


This is awarded the title of law “more painful death of 2015”; Derek was not only one of the most beloved characters of Grey’s Anatomy and tv in General, Derek was, along with Meredith, the symbol of true love. Say goodbye was heartbreaking and exhausting, especially because everything happened suddenly, When we had just let my guard (thank you, Shonda); but in spite of everything, We are convinced that this conclusion is absolutely worthy of the character: If it had to happen, could not have happened differently.

7) How To Get Away With Murder, 2×01 “’ it s time to move on”, season premiere.


Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated series in ’ autumn 2015, that with the première did what he does best: surprise viewers even when she least l ’ ready, unveiling cleverly some mysteries and creating all the sudden ’ of new. By Bonnie cold-blooded killer to Annalise lying on the ground after a gunshot, After only forty minutes c ’ was already a lot of irons in the fire.

6) Game of Thrones, 5×09 “The Dance of Dragons”, Daenerys flies away with Drogon.


One of the most anticipated moments for both that event had read both for those who were waiting for the senses of the young Targaryen. A scene dramatically impressive in a crescendo of tension, but when all seems lost here is that we are seeing this now in the world of Westeros was becoming a distant legend. Drogon goes into his mom's rescue and her real Mother of Dragons fly away with him. An exciting scene that marks both a turning point for Dany's one of the greatest fantasy tv moments. Only down fall, you could force a tad bit more special effects.

5) The Leftovers, 2×09 “I Live Here Now”, the season finale.


An ending that does not lack anything, starting with the coveted happy ending for Kevin Garvey. All bases posed previously are effectively developed, giving a feeling of completeness that would have made this installment also acceptable which series finale. Full of tension, emotion and commotion, “I Live Here Now” is a perfect epilogue for a season that hasn't missed a shot.

4) Game of Thrones, 5×10 “Mother s ’ Mercy”, the season finale.


Never ending Game of Thrones It was long awaited and full of unknowns and twists, in a nutshell so season finale. A bet that reaches the books by George R. R. Martin and in some cases surpasses them, throwing all and sundry in ’ anxiety of waiting ’. Events that cause large changes in Westeros and especially for the historical characters of the show. The final screenshot of Jon Snow to the scene starring Cersei Lannister (with a gorgeous Lena Headey), passing from the battle at Winterfell, overcome this episode will really be a ’ Enterprise.

3) How To Get Away With Murder, 2×09 “What Did We Do?”, Winter final.


A series that does nothing but improve, touching perhaps in this episode climax. A superb, a Viola Davis at best and an unrivalled skill in ’ narrative, between flashback and flashforward, twists and suspense. One of the most anticipated moments of the tv season 2015/2016, one of those who leave us to die of curiosity for months.


2) The Leftovers, 2×08 “International Assassin”, the resurrection of Kevin Garvey.


To summarize the feedback for this episode just the final joke of Michael “Holy shit!”. The second season of The Leftovers conquers us permanently bringing us into an indefinite “other place” where Kevin Garvey, just committed suicide, must fight to regain his life. Parallel reality, afterlife or other dimension that is, None of this we see looks fake, stupidly absurd or put there just to send us to confusion; with bated breath, We stay glued to the screen to see if Kevin will succeed in what is first of all a fight against himself.


1) Game of Thrones, 5×08 “Hardhome”, the the battle over the barrier.


A memorable episode, for both the plot (with the crucial battle between Night s ’ Watchers, Wildings and zombies of ice) both the technical quality of the series: the proportions of the clash are epic and the Director is skilled in fostering suspense and tension in the Viewer. Heart-pounding minutes in which it fears the worst, You heave sighs of relief and astounding the vision of the ’ army of zombies. An episode that will no doubt become a reference point (and comparison) for any collision scene, fantasy or not, to come.

What do you think of our League? Tell us in the comments what was your favorite episode from around the 2015!



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