The best Episodes of 2016 – by R. and S.

The 2016 It was a rich year for tv series, as always we offer lots of products of excellent quality; to sum up the year going to end, We offer you our personal ranking of the flagships of television.

1) Westworld 1×10 “The Bicameral Mind”

An hour and a half that flies away amidst great revelations and plot twists that make cursing even more the long wait before us. The ending of Westworld is perfect, with every question answered in the nine previous appointments that sort: from the smallest mark Ford grand piano the satisfaction comes Clare, complete and never fail to voltage. An ending that has nothing to envy to a film and as such could not miss a post credits scene that fosters hope to revisit characters lost data.

2) Game of Thrones 6×09 “Battle of the Bastards”

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik, the episode is by most accounts the best of the entire series and, without doubt, among the best of this year's television season. The final battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton to win the North exceeded every expectation: images of the battle have left us breathless, making us fear the worst until the last-minute breakthrough, and how they were shot they finally brought the television on the same floor of the blockbuster film seriality.

3) Westworld 1×07 “Trompe L'oeil”

A broader view of the plot, answers that lead to other questions and above all a twist that jaw-dropping indifferently who had suspected and who doesn't. This is the seventh episode of Westworld, the consecration of the application “Who is really Human?” through the character that each spectator is fond of more.

4) Game of Thrones 6×10 “The Winds of Winter”

After six long seasons, This is the moment when all the storyline seem to finally turn toward a common point: Jon elected King in the North, Daenerys (accompanied by Tyrion and allied with the Greyjoy) sail away in the direction of Westeros and Cersei, by skillful and ruthless political strategist, delete all his enemies and manages to sit on the Iron Throne: armies are arrayed and leaders are ready for war: who will win “the game of thrones”?

5) This Is Us 1×01 “Pilot”

Normal stories, exciting easily and initially linked in appearance only by a mere given base data: This is the pilot of This is Us, that without noticing we catapult inexorably in emotional tornado represented by the new NBC series. The events and the skill of the actors make it easy to empathize with the characters and immediately find out what binds them really’ the final touch to a show that for every bet you enlarge my heart.

6) The Exorcist 1×05 “Through My Most Grievous Fault”

As for Westworld also for The Exorcist It's hard to tell which are the best episodes. Given the choice, however, the fifth is perhaps what beyond the primary storyline conveys a feeling of more far-reaching and excitement for fans of horror. Because this is where we find out how The Exorcist It is not just the story of an exorcism that leverages elements and reputation of the famous movie of 1973; The Exorcist It's a real sequel. And if to this we add the effettivaesecuzione revelation of exorcism on Casey in the mid season – without stretch annoyingly the broth between skepticism and lens discoveries – You can't put this episode a step above other equally deserving.

7) How To Get Away with Murder 3×09 “Who ’ s Dead?”

The series, now in its third season, don't lose the enamel that characterizes it since the beginning, and the winter finale proves it: the comings and goings of past, present and future keeps us in suspense until the last second, until you find out who's under the sheet. And loss, almost unexpected, one of the pivotal characters is by definition a turning point of every tv series.

8) The Walking Dead 7×01 “The Day Will Come When You Won t Be ’”

A premiere highly anticipated it didn't disappoint; on the contrary, He returned to the criticism on the risk of voltage drop for the wait on discovering the victim of Negan. Anxiety, tears, horror for an episode devastating both for the protagonists as for us viewers. An hour without truce, emotionally and physically exhausting, but televised beautiful.

9) Grey’s Anatomy 13×08 “The Room Where It Happens”

In spite of all the detractors of this historic series, at the dawn of the 13th season Grey’s He gave us one of his best episodes. In these 40 surreal minutes everything is working perfectly: from the soundtrack (at times virtually absent, so in contrast to the Greysiana tradition) at “visions” of each character and the way in which those visions are bound to events present. Directed by Debbie Allen and the screenplay are excellent, the same applies to the performance of a few players involved and for the whole episode's emotional: the tears, threatening to do peeping ASAP, break all barriers to the sudden and sweet sight of Derek.

10) American Crime Story: The People v. O. J.. Simpson 1×06 “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”

Image via IMDB
Image via IMDB

One of the best new products of the 2016, deservedly awarded, the anthology series tackles a subject that has always fascinated the general public, but is the performance of Sarah Paulson in that episode that makes it even more remarkable: It's not just about how a (alleged) killer manages to get away with it, in spite of the American judicial system and at several evidence collected, It is also the history of machismo and sexism (more than of racism) of the system and the media that sink this case from the beginning, making it exponentially more difficult for a woman who can do his job and, accordingly, ensure a murderer to justice.

Which episodes you liked them more in 2016? Tell us in the comments!

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