The most read post of 2014


Fine anno, tempo di classifiche! Quali sono stati i momenti seriali più belli del 2014? Quante ore delle nostre vite (tante, ma mai troppe) abbiamo dedicato alle serie tv negli ultimi dodici mesi? Series’ Anatomy inizia il riepilogo di fine anno con la classifica dei 10 post più letti.

10) The Walking Dead, the mid-season finale: If it was impossible to resist tears, imagine what will happen to the season finale.


9) Recap of Game of Thrones in view of the fourth season: to keep pace with the power games is critical be always up to date and not miss anything; and after so many tragedies at least had the satisfaction of seeing dying Joffrey.


8) Best couple of TV series, part 1: a great classic; to fight boredom, wonder if Meredith are better & Derek or Buffy & Angel always works.


7) The Following, il final the second season: the presence of Kevin Bacon would be a sufficient explanation, but it must be said that, Unlike the first, This season has been almost flawless. Luckily the third is about to begin.

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6) The Walking Dead, the return of Beth: eventually it turns out that end had made, in tribute to viewers a disgusting scene with a lollipop.


5) Best couple of TV series, part 2: None of you tifava for Dawson, true? Team Pacey now and always!


4) Recap of Grey’s Anatomy After the mid-season finale: who married April? This doubt has torn us during the Christmas holidays of 2013.


3) Gomorrah, a review outside the box: great success with audiences and critics, We Series’ Anatomy instead we nipped. We know not to be the only, come forward!


2) Cristina Yang, its best moments: “I’m laughing. Just not externally”.


1) Grey’s Anatomy, the final the tenth season: the finals of this series are becoming harbingers of emotional trauma, but this also marked the farewell to Cristina Yang, one of the most beloved. Unforgettable.

Thank you for reading our articles, and above all these, for all the 2014: the deity of the tv series will be grateful!


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