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We keep alive our tradition to propose, at the end of the year, l ’ list of posts that more you read and clicked during the ’ year. And if in the 2014 Grey’s Anatomy reigned supreme over all other series, This year ’ had to give up his Scepter; but don't we reveal the surprise, see the leaderboard to find out who won the title of the most-read posts 2015!

10) Grey’s Anatomy, 11×23, the return of Meredith After the timeskip: It is taken 9 long months of hiatus to grieve the loss of Derek, but waiting has found a ’ Amelia more worsened than ever (just for a change).


9) Revenge, 4×09, new threat to Amanda Clarke. L ’ ’ FBI agent who seduces Jack is the mole (and daughter) by Malcolm Black and especially the recipient of your message to Victoria he sees Amanda as a goal. An interim episode that puts the basis for the drama to follow, the death of Daniel on Victoria's revenge.


8) Game of Thrones, 5×09, the death of Shireen and Daenerys saved by Drogon: When you thought it couldn't get any more idiotic Stannis, Here is who decides to burn alive the daughter; Unfortunately we can never erase his desperate screams from our minds. For a father who sacrifices his daughter, a son who saves her mom: at the time of greatest need Drogon runs to the aid of Daenerys and finally this last ’ remember what its true and unique nature. Flying away with her Dragon Mother of Dragons is back, permanently hopefully!


7) Game of Thrones, 5×06, the wedding night by Sansa and Ramsay. A gruesome scene view through the ’ expression of Theon and intended to inspire controversy: Ramsay reveals his true face to his newly wed, raping her in front of Greyjoy. In the case of Sansa it's appropriate to say that it is passed from the Pan (Joffrey) on the grill (Ramsay)! It wasn't much better stay married to Tyrion?!


6) How To Get Away with Murder, 1×14 and 1×15, the finale of the first season: months of waiting to find out “who killed Lila?”, the revelation surprised us very but, What's worse, We still haven't figured out why Frank did the Hitman for Sam!


5) The Walking Dead, il Season 6 trailer. The success of AMC series is always growing and each smaller anticipation or assumption about what awaits us not only adds to the curiosity of us fans.


4) Grey’s Anatomy, 11×24, il season finale: After great sufferings there gets back on his feet, because “No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again”.


3) Grey’s Anatomy, 11×22, Meredith's escape and the birth of her daughter: a special two-hour episode that told the life of Meredith away from Seattle to overcome the death of her husband, with numerous parallels between her and her mother, culminating in the birth of the small Ellis.


2) Game of Thrones, 5×10, the season finale: Jon and Cersei great protagonists of this episode; the fate of the Lord Commander is overturning irreparably viewers around the world and countless theories about his fate next season (you are not cut his hair! He was on set in Belfast!) show how reality is hard to accept. The punishment that Cersei receives after five seasons of intrigue is equally debated, among those who consider it excessive and who is not yet satisfied with the fate of the Queen Mother.


1) Game of Thrones, 5×08, the battle over the barrier: the crowning of Jon to King of all our hearts, invincible hero and fearless leader, Defender of ’ humanity and Savior of the world. Com ’ you can not love him unconditionally?? Hormones aside, l ’ episode was one of the best in the series, with the expected return of ’ White Walkers and lots and lots of action, to redeem some bets less lively.


You created this list with your visits, Thanks for reading this 2015! We are waiting in 2016!

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