The 2014 in tv series – by R. and S.


There have been many memorable television moments of this 2014: shock, despair, euphoria, series come and series that are… We've been through all the colors and then, before you dive headlong in episodes of 2015, Remember (in strict chronological order) past highlights.

1) The Big Bang Theory 7×15 and 8×08, the declarations of love by Sheldon: who ever would have thought to see Sheldon kiss a girl? But it happened! The lucky Amy has finally gotten his “I love you”: never lose hope!


2) House Of Cards 2×01, the death of Zoe: least unexpected, and if made for being a gif.

sweet rain

3) True Detective, one of the big news of 2014, you actually can not be appreciated. A raw and complex case, a scene of desperation and gloomy atmosphere between the philosophical and religious accompanied the perfect pair protagonist, the detectives Rust and Marty. The performance of Matthew McCounaghey and Woody Harrelson were fundamental to make the new HBO show one of the best of last season and, as far as we are concerned, to cheer for the first time for Matthew.

true detective

4) How I Met Your Mother, series finale: After nine years ended one of the most popular comedy series. As with all endings, There have been criticisms but the alternative conclusion made happy those who were hoping for something different.


5) Fargo, the News: acclaimed by audiences and critics, was one of the main television news 2014, as confirmed by the three Emmy WINS for first season.


6) Grey’s Anatomy 10×22, the return of Burke: to conclude the storyline of Cristina there was nothing better than the man who helped make it what it is. Review them together did a certain effect and has created the perfect setting to say goodbye.


7) Grey’s Anatomy 10×24, farewell to Cristina: one of the most popular doctors Grey Sloan Memorial left Seattle; the news had been given at the start of the season and this allowed authors to prepare a scene worthy of Cristina Yang, with a moving dance scene with Meredith.

8) The Vampire Diaries 5×22, the death of Damon Salvatore: It's true that it was only a matter of a few months, but it was still a very traumatic and heartbreaking scene, able to classify the hashtag We Want Damon Back to the first post on Twitter trends worldwide.


9) Revenge 3×22, David Clarke is alive! The ABC series casts out danger of tossing and turning endlessly on itself with this unexpected and shocking twist. Primary certainty that accompanied us since the pilot (We also saw him stabbed in jail) is swept away, throwing a new light on the events of the Hamptons and, above all, paving the way for yet another and stronger than ever in life shock of our beloved Amanda.

10) Modern Family: the marriage of Mitchell and Cameron. One of the most adorable couple of tv has finally had the chance to celebrate his love: after endless obstacles (worthy of a season finale of Grey’s Anatomy) Mitchell and Cameron have pronounced the fateful Yes. The smiles are certainly not missed, but to prevail was a great emotion: Jay puts aside any qualms and proud accompanies the child at the altar is a moving experience that makes your wedding exactly as they should be.


11) 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer is back! To 4 years from the end of a series that has revolutionized television, the hero that everything can is back with a special season, time to resolve the issues that remained pending. The years have not changed the Jack, Once again ready to sacrifice for the country and men who on more than one occasion they turned their backs; and eventually delivered to Russian enemy to save her true friend Chloe, in the best style of Jack Bauer.

12) Game of Thrones 4×02, Joffrey's death: the Christmas period is perhaps not the best time to rejoice in the death of a young boy, but when it comes to a hateful psychopath would be more strange not to try a minimum of satisfaction.


13) Game of Thrones 4×10, Daenerys turns his back to her and dragons Arya the Seven Kingdoms. Two events destined to change the course of life of both, I have said goodbye to their true nature: the K has disowned his being the Mother of Dragons, by choosing this new Kingdom at the expense of his true children; While Arya abandoned land that has caused so much pain to his family for a new life where there will be no place for Arya Stark.


14) Game of Thrones, record: with an average of 18,4 million viewers per week, the series based on the novels by George r.. Martin beats the Sopranos and becomes the most seen in HBO's history.

15) True Blood, series finale: seven seasons of supernatural creatures, naked people and sex scenes; What will become of our summers without fairies and werewolves? There will be comforted knowing that Sookie has found happiness even without Bill.


16) The Killing, il Series Finale: the series is considered by many to be the heir of Twin Peaks Finally closes its doors after 4 years. Lost season after season renewals threatened to leave us forever in doubt about the fates of Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, but fortunately we thought Netflix gives us a worthy conclusion. With Linden recognising in its Holder only home and reuniting final between the two, even Seattle appear to regain some’ of light, abandoning that constant fog that made it a “City of the dead”.

17) The Leftovers, the new creature of Damon Lindelof get to fill the summer tv. A mystery-drama that proves a lot immediately messed up and very much drama (How do you cope with the desperate story of Nora Durst?). But slowly it gets interesting until you reach the last episodes with which meshes with permanently dependent on yet another us tv series.

18) The Big Bang Theory: us fans of comedy with the greatest number of plays we spent weeks with out a doubt stabbing: Sheldon, Penny and Leonard will sign the renewal of contracts? Luckily the limit by a further postponement of filming the millionaire agreement has arrived and we could go back to sleep.


19) The Shonda Night: If Shonda Rhimes was already one of the most successful television writers, il 2014 It was the year of his consecration; in autumn, the ABC has in fact opened the Shonda Thursday with sequence programming Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder (whose author is, in realtà, Pete Nowalk, a Loyalist of Shonda, While she is a producer of the series). It is the point at which the author is famous as much if not more of his own series, a very rare occurrence, for instance the level of Aaron Spelling.


20) How To Get Away With Murder, the racy photos of Sam: more than the identity of the murderer, are those nine words of Annalise to her husband to remain in our memory: “Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?


21) Bones 10×01, the death of Sweets: Okay the twists, but this was more like a low blow. Who expected such a thing in the season premiere? I have not yet found the strength to watch the episode of funeral.


22) Twin Peaks, the sequel: “See you in 25 years” said Laura Palmer, and in fact in October David Lynch announced sequel, aired on Showtime in January 2016, namely 25 years after the end of the original.


23) The Walking Dead 5×08: Beth's death. Feared by many is actually arrived a few minutes after the conclusion of the Mid-Season Finale, When the exchange of hostages seemed a done deal. In the most tragic way leads to the conclusion the story of Beth Greene, one who firmly believed that even in a post-apocalyptic world there was still room for Justice and goodness. The hope of the Group of survivors fades with her, now it remains only despair.

24) White Collar, series finale: in December, staged the latest scam by Neal Caffrey, the most gentleman thief in history.


What other events have marked your serial 2014?


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