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Fine d ’ year, time to look back and da series addicted as we are, for us the most important moments of the last twelve months are marked also by what has happened in the world of tv series. So what are the events for which we will remember 2015!

20) X-Files, Prison Break, Heroes Reborn and Gilmore Girls: big returns; After that the 2014 saw l ’ announcement of the return of Twin Peaks, il 2015 He continued on the ’ wave of revival with other show much beloved by the public. The first was the famous FOX show starring the FBI pair consisting of Mulder and Scully, whose debut is nearing: Premiere of the X-Files is scheduled for 24 January 2016 with 6 episodi.


After weeks of speculation, during the summer ’ FOX has confirmed for 2016 even the return of Prison Break. A four-issue 10 episodes will see then again starring the Brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.

Has already made his return on American screens Heroes Reborn, sequel of the popular NBC series about people with exceptional qualities. Among the protagonists make their appearance also several original characters on the show, l ’ beloved Hiro on all; but many more needed, including Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) and the cheerleader Claire Bennet (whose character died during hole between the fourth season and this sequel).

Closes with a flourish the wave of reboot the announcement of the return of love Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Rory will be back on the air, This time on Netflix, and at the helm there will again be Amy Sherman-Palladino. To the delight of fans, they should see each other almost every Member of the historic cast.

19) Better Call Saul, great success for the spin-off series Breaking Bad: definitely better than the story of Walter White and friends, This attorney over the top adds a quality entertainment, Although not to the point of earning certain nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes.

18) The Mindy Project, Mindy's pregnancy: significant events like the birth of a child are always milestones, especially for sitcom, When the ’ habit is an essential element. Eppure The Mindy Project, to single third season, seems to hold the shot and extricate himself quite well in the new dynamics. If this were not the case, to forgive all would suffice the sweetness of the scene where Mindy reveals to Danny that she is pregnant.

17) House Of Cards, season finale: a couple United by the desire of power, but all is not granted: and in fact, in the middle of the election campaign, Here's that Claire leaves Frank and walks away from the White House. A bold move: they can stay afloat even alone? Or will sink both trying to destroy each other?

16) Nina Dobrev leaves The Vampire Diaries.


Dopo 6 years in which lent the face in three different characters, Nina Dobrev says goodbye to the CW series: his character is sentenced to a long sleep because the life of ’ friend Bonnie; only the death of this last ’, Elena will rejoin his Damon. A heartbreaking season finale that marks a new direction for the series on two vampire brothers. Dobrev announced l ’ goodbye via Instagram, thanking the TVD Family and the fandom that has never ceased to show her great affection.

15) Grey’s Anatomy, the death of Derek Shepherd: How many tears were shed for this ’ man? For fans of the series, as accustomed to sudden trauma, l ’ April 2015 will go down in history as the darkest moment of their lives.

14) Wayward Pines, the series starring Matt Dillon had a record launch: has debuted worldwide in more than 100 Countries. Taken from the trilogy of novels by Blake Crouch, the show FOX has M. Night Shyamalan executive producer, and as a Director of the pilot. Coming to the Lee of ’ summer, the series between mistery, thriller and drama has achieved a good success, especially thanks to the now famous ’ episode 5, becoming one of the most watched show of the summer. Considered finished with his only season and a controversial ending, recently FOX has unexpectedly announced the renewal for a second season. The return of Wayward Pines is then fixed for the summer 2016.

13) Game of Thrones. After the news that came from beyond the sea and reports of Varys, the Imp has finally Visual proof that the young Targaryen has really revived the Dragons. In the ruins of Valyria, Tyrion assists indeed the fly of Drogon and scepticism that had characterized him until that time flies away with the ’ image.

12) Mad Men comes to an end (finally).


Announced by centuries, the end of this series seemed to never come, with the trick to split the season into two parts. And instead we said goodbye to Don, Peggy and everyone else; is undoubtedly the end of a ’ era but the real question is: you liked the ending?

11) New Girl, for Schmidt and cece comes the marriage proposal: After four years in which they took and left, Finally they decided to get together, This time forever. A couple on which, on the first day, Nobody would have bet a dime but for which all, over time, began to cheer.

10) The series concluded. Many are the shows which they said goodbye in ’ last year. The first to greet us was Glee, with a final that has revived the spirit in which the series was born: “Being a part of something special does not make you special. Something is special because you are a part of it ".

Also coming to an end The Following, decision maybe criticised after the good level of season 3; For more on final It was more than ever open, which makes it even more annoying to be resigned to not being able to know more.

After four seasons of revenge Amanda Clarke (Revenge) comes to fruition and the protagonist can finally tie the knot with his eternal love Jack.


Several controversies he stirred the non-renewal of Hannibal, closed at the end of the third season. The public has not yet surrendered and so is producer Bryan Fuller, whom, In addition to a possible fourth season ’, He also spoke of a possible movie; However upon the question of rights makes it difficult to capture a series l ’ streaming platform.

Recent instead l ’ goodbye to Downton Abbey, whose last special Christmas episode was broadcast last 25 December.

9) Game of Thrones, the death of Shireen.


An incident which shocked all; not that Stannis was never particularly brilliant, but he seemed to hold a minimum of paternal instinct. But no, Decides the same as burning alive the daughter to ingratiate himself with the Lord of light, While his wife, which is more crazy about him, her senses a little’ Too late. Parents of the year ’.

8) Game of Thrones, the life and death of Jon Snow: one of the most beloved actors, during the fifth season l ’ we saw new challenges and exit always winning. The wisest of the brothers, Despite his young age, and the more proficient in battle, Jon has definitely made inroads into our hearts; but since no one is safe in Westeros, This is the odious ’ ’ which brings us on classic hero Olly these days. …But it will be really dead?

7) True Detective, second season undertone.


Such was l ’ waiting for the second anthology of the HBO show after the success of the one he saw starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, but expectations are dashed. Maybe he paid unduly the comparison with the first, the fact is that the second season has failed to convince, and the third is still in doubt.

6) Pretty Little Liars #Facetoface #WhoIsA. The mid-season finale of the sixth season sees the revelation that fans of the show ABC Family has been waiting for: who is at? Who torments for years Air, Hanna, Spencer and Emily? Carter Drake, born Charles DiLaurentis, Jason's twin! So many doubts about explanations you arrive (He even attended his twin!), but at least the big question postponed for six seasons has been answered. L ’ wait was much, l ’ #WhoIsA invaded Twitter hashtag for weeks, arousing the curiosity of even those who had never followed the show. Now we know: #CeCeIsA.

5) Emmy surprises in the category drama. This year the Commission of the Emmys she pleasantly surprises for choices in the tv show drama. After years in which was snubbed, Game of Thrones triumphs, taking home twelve figurines (a record for a single series) including Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Supporting Actor (Peter Dinklage) as well as Directing and Writing.


A “It's about time!” is d ’ obligation for Jon Hamm After having lent his face to 8 years to Don Draper in Mad Men and received on time every time the candidacy, He was awarded for the first time as Outstanding Lead Actor.

On female face WINS instead Viola Davis and it couldn't be otherwise with his Justin Keating! The star of How To Get Away With Murder thus becomes the first African-American actress to win an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress and gives us the most emotional speech of the evening.

4) Girl Power: more numerous are the large female protagonists, for which we must thank especially Shonda Rhimes. His women are imperfect, complicated and master their lives have won critical and audience, making the Thursday night by Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating a real television phenomenon.

Add to the picture the superheroes, that undermine their male counterparts; If on CBS underwent obtained consents Supergirl, the big revelation was work of Netflix, who did new Center with Jessica Jones: a ’ hero who doesn't want to be that, gloomy but ironic, engaging and extremely charming with a villain by the vicissitudes; many congratulations to Kristen Ritter and David Tennant for the great interpretations.

3) The Big Bang Theory, finally Leonard and Penny married: several ups and downs over the years, but basically we always knew these two were meant to be together. But predictability ends here, considering the flight to Las Vegas and the marriage crisis faced (and fortunately resolved) in record time.


2) Fargo, the second season: After the great success of last year, the new season seems to have even passed the first. Especially love the cast as a whole, He sees through the ranks even Kirsten Dunst.

1) The Big Bang Theory, the relationship of Amy Sheldon: the strangest and adorable pair of small screen has addressed many this year ’: even Amy's patience has a limit, and at one point she had to say stop. This has enabled them to develop new sides of the multifaceted personality of Sheldon, adding a little’ of sweetness and humanity, but without ever betraying its nature. Fortunately, the crisis is back, until the big moment of the first time of the Shamy.


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