The 2016 In The TV Series – by R. and S.

After the ranking of the best episodes of 2016, as every year we also have a broader account of all the innovations that have marked the landscape of tv series during this year. There is really spoilt for choice, and you can tell that the golden age of television shows no signs of losing its magic.

The revival

The revival is in better shape than ever, and this year it was time to Gilmore Girls and X-Files. With regard to the first, the 4 episodes aired on Netflix were a real gift to fans: regardless of the quality and personal opinions about the storyline, going back to Stars Hollow to those beloved characters you could almost touch the dedication of the fans and cast, the bond that unites them in spite of criticism. Four films for a fitting and well-deserved greeting worthy of Gilmore Girls.

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Similarly for X-Files that brought us to investigate along with Mulder and Scully. Among the cases in their own right by impact nostalgia and a primary storyline that has its roots in the nine previous seasons, We were again caught up in conspiracy theories of Fox Mulder and a conclusion that yell at a sequel more than the previous. The desire for revival, rest, seems not yet fully met: for next year, indeed, We expect Twin Peaks and Prison Break.

Series news

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Image via IMDB

A rich category, This, thing that makes it increasingly hard to stay abreast of all ongoing series. Stranger Things goes without doubt one of the cult phenomena 2016: the series is full of references to a specific social and cultural landscape, namely that of someone who grew up in the ' 80, with E.T., Alien, The Goonies and many others, making the nostalgia effect (In addition to the unexpected ability of young actors) the key to keep the viewers glued to the screen.

Inspired by the homonymous movie of 1973 Westworld and The Exorcist, both led by actors that normally we would have expected such as simple guest stars. If The Exorcist with its footprint from sequel of events of little Regan MacNeil enhances fans of film and gives new life to the genre of horror TV series, Westworld between mysteries and puzzles in the world of a particularly advanced artificial intelligence promises to grind one record. In the field of competition to make awards already HBO show is a new series on NBC This Is Us, where the stories of the characters affect us straight to the heart remarkably normal for each episode, letting us discover all surprisingly emotional.

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The category of news this year saw featured our country with the co-production of two TV series Physicians and The Young Pope. Both were broadcast premiere on Teletoon (Rai respectively 1 and Sky Atlantic), Thus for the first time we were not the children of the servant, avoiding the minefield of spoilers due to the delay in airing. The show on the Florentine family has sanctioned the return on the small screen of our beloved Richard Madden, on which of the agreements, intrigue, murders and casting choices must have felt our same déjà vu effect compared to Game of Thrones. After a bumpy start, Physicians He closed with a final rush compelling and engaging, with a deadly twist. We admit, however, that beyond the love of Cosimo, the real great revelations in the series were self-supporting Dome and RAI Contessina! Regarding the series signed by Saleem, instead, as always the critics divided: masterpiece for some, boring for others; the consensus is it just for the excellent performance of Jude Law and Diane Keaton.

The Evil Queen is back! (Once Upon A Time)

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After struggling for its final redemption, Queen chooses to physically get rid of obscure part of herself. All too easy. And in fact the dark side takes shape restoring that loved/hated character relegated in flashbacks from the time of season three. The beginning of the sixth sees Lana Parilla in doubles and contemporary role of Queen and the Evil Queen, still eager for revenge towards the chatty Snow White.

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Year of farewells for the cast of Criminal Minds, I had to greet both Derek Morgan what a Aaron Hotchner. For the first the decision was the same Shemar Moore, his Morgan is able to bow out with a dedicated storyline during the episode 11×18. An entirely different situation that involving Thomas Gibson, first suspended and then fired for an altercation on set; Hotch moves away then from BAU for a temporary commitment after the first two episodes of season 12.

Goodbyes the most tragic narrative instead in other shows. Sleepy Hollow salutes after three seasons his female lead Abbie Mills. An absolutely unexpected death for partners of Ichabod Crane that sparked the ire of the fans, even putting into question the continuation of the show (the fourth season has been confirmed and will start on 6 January).

Less unexpected, but very creepy is the departure of Glenn in The Walking Dead: the (second) victim of Negan is worshipped pizza boy who first joined Rick Grimes. The episode nine of How To Get Away with Murder put us in the Blender as usual, but this time, in addition to profound confusion, He even broke his heart because we had to mourn the man who more than anyone brought us in the mythical world of Justin Keating: is Wes the victim under the sheet. A controversial character, But however you think about him, puppy face loss is a major blow.

Jon Snow is alive! (Game of Thrones)

It's really hard and in the world of Westeros there are burning issues revelations, but this year Got gave the best of himself. After months of obsessive speculation, Finally the confirmation: Jon Snow is alive!! There's really nothing that can compare to the joy felt by fans when the Lord Commander has opened my eyes!

Promise me, Ned (Game of Thrones)

Jon Snow was also the protagonist of another important event: for years followed increasingly intricate theories about the identity of his parents, but now it's official: Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen; What more can you ask for?!

Hold the door (Game of Thrones)

Unfortunately in the sixth season of Got We faced even less happy events (strange!), first of all the heartbreaking death of Hodor: the phrase “hold the door” will never be the same.

Daenerys part for the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones)

It took six seasons where there have been mistakes, human weaknesses and insane delusions from Red Cross nurse. But Daenerys did it, has finally become Daenerys Targaryen even in facts and started toward the Seven Kingdoms. With three dragons, an immense fleet and an army unquantifiable, whover put himself on the road to K?

Howard and Bernadette parents (The Big Bang Theory)

Image via IMDB
Image via IMDB

After a pregnancy a tad long, In episode 10×11 Howard and Bernadette become parents of small Halley (perfect name for a dad who has been in space for a group of uncles scientists, rest). Paying tribute to Carol Ann Susi, the actress who was the voice of the legendary Mrs.. Wolowitz, the child is never seen but is instantly recognizable by the piercing and trapanante crying.

Meredith Grey and the new love (Grey’s Anatomy)

Between Mer and Nathan is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and successful storyline of the season; Despite her trying with all his might, It is obvious that Meredith won't last long at advances of Riggs. This long courtship gives us also to take calmly confident with the new situation, but they are so adorable that it's hard not to shipparli.

Alex Karev and prison (Grey’s Anatomy)

The consequences of misunderstanding between Alex and Daniel are felt, and also a lot of: There is a risk the career and many years in prison, While in the meantime with Jo (which has a share of responsibility) everything falls apart. Despite criticism, in my opinion this is a regression to the character of Alex, but the ultimate test to prove his worth and how much you have grown (as you can see already from the winter finale).

Kiefer Sutherland President in Designated Survivor

Awaiting the arrival of reboot 24: Legacy (the premiere is scheduled for 5 February), Kiefer Sutherland is back starring in a political drama where following an attack should not run for 24 hours straight between explosions, conspiracies and moles unsuspected, but takes on the role of President of the United States.

Arrives Mayans MC, the spinoff of Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy ended in 2014 and since then the possibility of a spinoff was supported by fans has never excluded from creator Kurt Sutter. After the comics that explore the life of the young Jax Teller, is finally confirmed: Mayans MC, This is the title of the spinoff, that will be so focused on Mexican motorcycle club for seven seasons have crossed, more or less amiably, the streets with SAMCRO. The pilot was ordered by FX and production will start in early 2017. Director we will rightly Kurt Sutter and although the return of our Jackie boy is impossible, It may be a cameo of Charlie Hunnam.

Confirmed the paternity of Elizabeth in The Blacklist?

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With the Mid-Season finale of the fourth season, It seems that the most popular theory among fans The Blacklist has been confirmed: Reddington is the father of Elizabeth. The close relationship between the two has been lurking since the first episode, But despite the words of Red appears to sweep away all doubts finally – “What do you want me to say? Yes? Is that what you want me to say? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter” – the manner and circumstances in which they are given rise to more questions than answers.

The series concluded

Many innovations involve, obviously, even as many farewells: nel 2016 have closed down many series, some highly popular among and other short-term. We remember House of Lies, Person of Interest, Castle, Rizzoli & Isles, Penny Dreadful, Mike & Molly, Royal Pains, Masters of Sex and Devious Maids to name just a few. The most noteworthy, but, is The Good Wife, come to an end after seven seasons and an avalanche of awards; the door on this world has not totally closed anyway: We will continue to follow the adventures of Diane Lockhart in the spin-off The Good Fight.


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