Best couple of TV series – Part 1- by R. and S.

One of the many positives of serial fiction is the ability to follow the history and evolution of the characters; While with the movies we have to settle to live only a few hours in the company of the protagonists, giving up the opportunity to know the before and after of their stories, with the tv series we can assist (and participate), week after week, the birth and growth of the relationship between characters. In the case of love stories, the resulting emotional involvement can cause serious side effects (yelling at the screen if he kisses the wrong she is just one of the less significant symptoms, unbridled shipping one of the most serious), but it also has many positives: for example, the sentimental education of generations of nerd (and their unrealistic expectations) based on what we experienced with all these couples.

[It should be noted that the couples are listed in random order, Since we process an order of preference would probably cause an existential crisis]

– Meredith e Derek, Grey’s Anatomy


The MerDer is a special because unreachable and ordinary at the same time: in ten years we have given both the perfect love at first sight and the Grand gestures (rescues from drowning, air accidents, children born during storms and so on), both aspects of everyday life in which everyone can be reflected, How to decide who will accompany his daughter to kindergarten. Not to mention the fact that we met them when he was married and she was the mistress and now are the model family portrait.

– Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory


If all the other couples on The Big Bang Theory there is a personality that balances the excesses of the other, Here the situation is different: Amy is so misplaced splattered and socially as Sheldon, but she could only fit for him, to do things that, otherwise, would have resulted in a stretch of the character (and we do not add anything else to avoid spoilers for those who hasn't seen the episode of Valentine!). Ma soprattutto, a contract setting out when seeing and when taking hands would not make things easier for everyone? Should be a social Convention adopted universally.

– Phoebe and Cole, Charmed


Phoebe Halliwell leads to a higher level on widespread weakness for bad boy (and still Belthazor is a demon with a soul!); Unfortunately one of those stories is condemned to a heartbreaking denouement, things that compare Romeo and Juliet are inexperienced newbies (Although never forgive not Phoebe for abandoning him in the Wasteland). Despite this, and despite the subsequent useless marriage of Phoebe and the Cupid Coop, You can not doubt that its just great love was Cole (rest, who can compete with a man who makes you Queen of the underworld?).

– Donna and David + Kelly and Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210


Always praised Aaron Spelling! Historical couples in Beverly Hills 90210 (pioneers of all Ryan and Marissa, Seth and Summer, Blair and Chuck, Serena and Dan), Enter the honorary list, because the first of their kind: never of teenage love, with all the etceteras, had this relevance. Women's marriage and David, in the final episode, marked the end of a generation and the angry years ' 90.

– Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars


The only reason this pair is mentioned is that one of the authors is a life-long Marshmallow (who misses the reference should immediately close its cultural gaps), whose life took a new direction from the day it launched Kickstarter campaign to the Veronica Mars movie. A parte questo, just a few words to the relationship between Veronica and Logan: together they LoVe; If you know what I mean.

– Mulder and Scully, The X-Files


If the X-Files was the progenitor of all series, the same goes for the protagonist couple. Since the early minutes of the pilot had understood that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were made for each other, the classic opposites attract, yet intimate moments between the two did not are almost never seen; but catch them in succession of episodes was one of the favourite sports of us fans. For the first real Kiss had to wait well 7 seasons (7×04 Millennium) and from there we then witnessed one of the most mysterious conceptions of history. Mulder and Scully were together, without being overtly together: explicit images and words were superfluous. A couple absolutely sui generis, but that is precisely why we loved. So much so that after 9 seasons, 12 years from the end and 2 movies are still eager to enjoy new scenes that tell us that particular hidden love.

– Michael and Sara, Prison Break


Nothing but Red Cross syndrome leading to fall in love with Sara Michael. Eppure, Despite appearances, the two saved each other. In every sense. Decrypt encrypted messages never was so full of feeling, an origami more significantly by a wedding ring. A love suffered and fought, lived for too little time. The final – I never had the courage to review – FA worthy competition to the greatest Shakespearean tragedies.

– Buffy and Angel, Buffy – Angel

David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy and Angel The Prom 6

Before Bella and Edward, Sookie and Bill, Elena and Damon's symbol of love between a human and a vampire were their: the Slayer and vampire with a soul. For those who write Angel is the real Buffy's great love (a Bangel deep). Not only is she able to give that moment of pure happiness that costs him the soul. And the other side only Angel is willing to sacrifice the gift of humanity not to put her in danger (remembering him only as has been living a few hours from normal couple!). And even when the beautiful vampire becomes Angelus, the passion between the two is possibly more intense. The ring that Angel gives Buffy to symbolize that his heart belongs to is better than any diamond.

– Phil and Claire, Modern Family


The couple apparently of more normal tv, that actually proves the most outlandish. Because if at first we thought that it was Phil that strange, over the episodes we found that Claire is no less, Although to different aspects. After almost twenty years together and 3 children are still courting, wonder and play (How can we forget Valentine's day strangers Clive and Juliana!). Spouses give rise to Dunphy is a perfect blend of love and lunacy sound, that makes them the example of marriage we'd all like to.

– Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Game Of Thrones


No marriage has never been so perfect. Khal Drogo transforms into a young woman and Daenerys teaches her to be a real K, She brings out the sensitive side (initially well hidden) the undefeated dothraki Warrior. And how to compete with love tests (raw heart and Gold Crown) that they exchanged? Dany and Drogo have made names as “My sun and stars” and “Moon of my life” anything but corny. A couple nice and powerful that was intended for the conquest of Westeros, but that is way too early to meet a cruel end.

To be continued!


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