Best couple of TV series – Part 2 – by R. and S.

As promised in the previous post dedicated to telefilmici loves, Here is the second part of our personal list: from Dawson's Creek to The Walking Dead, There are all kinds of really.

– Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead


A couple who comes and goes in full zombie apocalypse cannot be part of this ranking. Love at first sight that immediately had to face obstacles and crises, passed between massacres of walkers and eggs on your head: the Gleggie become invincible when it comes to save each other. And’ a pity that their marriage has never seen on the show, but the touching reunion of the episode 4×15 fully repays that absence. We really hope that Maggie is right and don't need more Glenn photo of his wife.

– Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries


One of the most anticipated of the last couple seasons tv shows, It took ben 4 years because finally Elena chooses Damon; 4 the years when we were small ragalato, but exciting moments, making us dream in happy endings, until the desired Declaration of Episode 4×23. Shipping for Delena began even before the screen there were the first signs of a possible story, as long as the Miss Mystic dance on the notes of All I Need (1×19) There were doubts: Elena and Damon are meant to be together. Define troubled this report would be an understatement and doubts about their future together are far from calm, but us fans of the couple won't give up (It has become a trend Delena mondiale): We Believe in Delena.

Carrie and Mr. Big, Sex And The City


A least troubled history, full of steps forward and steps back even more: they know from the beginning that they are destined for each other but whenever we try, It's never the right time. We want marriages with other women, engagements with other men, lovers and intercontinental transfers to get to a final fairytale literally in the Parisian night. The winding path of this pair is well represented by the Big phone call to Carrie in the final scene of the series (Let's pretend that movies don't exist): just at that moment the viewer knows finally Big's real name, as only then it really makes him known and loved by Carrie. A merit of Mr. Big is also to recognise the importance of Carrie's best friends: “You're the loves of her life, and a guy would be lucky to come in fourth”.

– April e Jackson, Grey’s Anatomy


I myself is a big fan of Japril, that's why I couldn't put them in rank. As their journey has seen embarrassing moments (her fixations) and irritants (the unnecessary history of him with Edwards), After episodes 12 and 13 the tenth season is tough not worship them. The statement by Jackson to the tune of A Total Eclipse of the Heart was one of the most romantic and exciting scenes I've ever seen together to escape from the secret wedding ceremony: both have pulled out the courage that they have had for more than a year. A friendship that has grown slowly love capable of destabilizing an entire hospital. The Japril represent the ideal of romantic love that, Although sadly unrealistic and inadequate, keep dreaming.

– Desmond and Penny, LOST

A love story that literally crosses time and space. More than any other couple linked to the island, Desmond and Penny are the symbol of a feeling indestructible even beyond belief (“Hello, I am myself of the future, can you give me your phone number?”), and without ever falling into clichés mushy. In fact, in “The Constant” (4×05), one of the finest episodes of LOST and in general television, We almost reach out and touch real love, and they do it through math concepts and theories and Relativistic Physics, making pure poetry. From that moment, “will you be my constant?” became the Declaration of love for all the Losties.

– Kevin and Scotty, Brothers & Sisters


Kevin and Scotty are a couple who especially like to its realism, common feature to the other characters in the series but in different sizes. Unlike other, as Meredith and Derek's Grey, that combined with a seemingly ordinary life, extraordinary events, they know how to make the ordinary. Living common to many people, and that is why it is so easy to get involved in their stories; the adoption of the marriage of Olivia, from treason to forgiveness: stages from which more or less all, that makes them valuable (and very nice) travel companions and reference point.

– Dawson, Joey and Pacey, Dawson's Creek


Every self-respecting teen drama needs his love triangle, and if in the 90 's we thought Beverly Hills, for teenagers of the early years ’00 they thought these three guys from the suburbs. Although both authors the highlight of the finale was not the choice of Joey but Jen's tragic death, There was still a little’ of curiosity after years of wrangling. Is just a few days ago l’interview When series creator, Kevin Williamson, says that it was originally intended that Joey chose Dawson: onestamente, But how do you choose one as well? Rather, We were sorry for Pacey, that would have deserved something better than the hysterical Joey.

– Ally and Larry, Ally McBeal


Despite their history of time lasted a season, Larry for us is the one and only great love of Ally (Billy we never seriously considered). Complicated, fun, Gonzo, Ally and Larry were perfect together: He was the only enough detail to be able to balance and especially love the quirks (and insecurities) her. After a string of more than reports are wrong, Ally had finally found the love of his life, and the happy ending was there such a step. Although there were all conditions – including the final episode of the fourth season, "The Wedding", originally dedicated to them – external issues the show made it impossible, rifilandoci a sudden departure and a miserable farewell note that close all with one of the biggest disappointments of the tv series. But Larry and Ally were “meant to be” There is no doubt, not surprisingly, the season is not able to bring a new great love. As for us Ally McBeal ended at fourth year, because for us that evening at dinner there was no waiter's error, Larry has been able to make his proposal of marriage and she of course said yes.

Charlie and Claire, LOST


A story that represents the innocent love, almost adolescent, that has always been discussed discreetly, almost only mentioned, but no less vivid in the minds of fans. This report has also been a rebirth for both characters: Claire leaves the solitude and finds a man you can trust, who will care for you, and thanks to her Charlie discovers a new side of himself, more adult, that leads him to do by Aron and father dress unexpectedly into the role of head of household, without ever betraying its identity (Moreover, she even tried to drown Aron in the ocean, but he didn't do it on purpose!). Unfortunately the relationship lasted too little, only consolation are the final images from which one understands that Yes, they were meant to be together.

– Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, Bones

Brennan and Booth are one of the best examples of opposites attract: on the one hand we have the rationality, the cynicism, the sarcasm, on the other hand, faith, romance and irony. But they share a passion for their work and especially among their; a passion that remains dormant for years until they manifest as a pregnancy. We had to wait 6 seasons-with relations with other people – because Temperance and Seeley, but especially you, to accept what everyone had understood since their first appearance on the screen. The two retrace the footsteps of predecessors Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, but here the ratio is now more explicit when they're together and there are no doubts or ambiguities in this regard. Booth manages to bring his Bones to goals that never could have imagined and I'm not referring to motherhood, but at a more traditional and romantic wedding (9×06). Promise to you includes a few words the meaning of their history "You make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful".

– Hannah and Dexter, Dexter


Serial killers rarely fraternize with each other, but their first meeting it was clear that between Hannah and Dexter there was an alchemy that went beyond the common trend omicidiaria. What was supposed to be the time when Dexter the reserved the same fate for other crooks, It became the start of their intense story, with the explosion of a passion that could no longer be denied. Hannah is a soul mate of Dexter, with you can be themselves without hesitation because accepting it as it is and understand – not to mention that is a perfect mom for Harrison, in the accident on the treadmill has no fault, It puts at risk to help you. Difficult to break ties if not for the work of that reprehensible series finale; Although the last season has not benefited their development history, Dexter and Hannah are adorable, able to transform two unrepentant serial killer in a perfect little family.

We have included your favorite couple or you are outraged because we forgot? Express yourself in the comments and we will write another post on couples chosen by readers!


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  1. very successful analyses; but you forgot ziva and nozzo of ncis. never declare themselves were undeniably a couple: so loved..

    1. right! It will be the first couple who will put in the list of those chosen by readers! There will be someone who will take the place of Ziva in the heart of Tony?

      1. Absolutely not, and even in my heart-
        who can compete with a killer of mossad and softened my heart?

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