The best moms tv series – by R. and S.

We celebrate mother's day with an overview of the most popular tv moms and famous ever.

– Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

GILMORE GIRLS (Season 3) "Let The Games Begin" (Episode #308) Image #GG308- 41FC2965 Pictured (left to right): Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore. This photo is provided for use in conjunction with The CW 2006 Summer Press Tour being held in Pasadena CA. Photo Credit: © The WB / Mitchell Haddad

C ’ is a moment in the life of any girl that you dream about the “mom's best friend”, creature more mythic than real. But Stars Hollow exists and none better than I thought it could be as Lorelai. Single mother from overwhelming personality, It is impossible not to envy the complicity and ’ understanding that has with her daughter Rory.

– Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy


His journey towards motherhood was long and difficult, but he gave us one of the best developments in the history of television characters. His is the demonstration of how the love ’ the right person can transform a person, but its weaknesses and strengths: from dark and twisty Meredith was able to escape the fate of his mother Ellis, certainly not a shining example on, becoming a loving mother and a woman to be admired in every respect.

– Nora Walker, Brothers & Sisters


Mom par excellence, If you were to list the qualities that everyone is looking for in a mother she would all. A po’ hen a little’ General, handling all her children and puts them in line when they need it, but always showing only unconditional love.

– Mary Cooper, The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon's mother couldn't be more different from his son, and it is precisely this that makes their interactions so hilarious. God-fearing and light years away from the scientific interests of Sheldon, is the mainstay of his life that makes him more human, because despite the theories on the universe as ’ n-dimensional superfluid, his eyes will always be the little Shelly eating spaghetti and hot dogs.

– Beverly Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory


A mother who do you use for a publication entitled “The Disappointing Child” It's really hard to celebrate for mother's day. Although critical region, uncomfortable with the most basic maternal and loving gestures of ’ observation of the brain, Leonard's mother, Thanks to Sheldon and/or alcohol ’, was able to leave for a few moments his scientific rigidity “embracing” the son and approving his engagement with Penny; But let him and make us forget that the mother's approval is important ’, but it's not essential to feel good about ourselves.

– Catelyn Stark, Game of Thrones


He learned to love the North for the sake of his family and his family gave his life. You can tell that to burst the war of the five Kings contributed to its decision to make prisoner Tyrion, convinced that he was the head of Bran's fall from the Tower. But don't stop here: It was next to his eldest son when he played for the North, by by Advisor, even from a distance and tried to make up in the end that his daughters at King's Landing were protected ’. When he saw Robb die before his eyes was ready to give up everything, even to his life: that way he live without his children?

– Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones


“Love no one but your children” He said a Sansa and all you can say about Cersei except that you do not love her children. What is the breast more sensitive and fragile side of Queen Regent, discovered already in the pilot when he moved the first loss (and unique) son given to Robert. To protect her children has made and continues to make the unlikely ’, a real lioness ready for any challenge to her cubs.

– Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones


When the ’ experience of motherhood seemed permanently closed, they arrived three Dawg to give her hope for the future and to make them discover the true herself. In their Dany has never seen a bargaining chip for gold or power, but only her children, the only ones who ever will. And even though now she lost some’ the orientation ’, Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, convinced that “A mother does not flee without her children”.

Claire Dunphy, Modern Family


Perfectionist, always wants to be right and sometimes stifling, but Claire manages to make every gesture from mom absolutely adorable and fun. Although concerns about Hailey, Alex and Luke the extravagant excesses lead to (mobile control espionage with a mini-drone ), keep the long sulk is impossible and all of us would want to rush to embrace it as his children.

Gloria Pritchett, Modern Family


Cuddles, congratulations to no end and a ’ high dose injection of self-esteem are the perfect recipe for Mama Gloria. If Manny is an adorable kid is on his own and when he realizes the side-effects of his super sweet education, just trim to Jay the bad guy role that should make him a strong man (or destroy his pie making blame on an old woman depending on the circumstances). A sexy mom and ironic at the same time, You can fly over that classmate come to find yourself just to see her.

Queen (Once Upon A Time)


Have long been undecided whether to insert her or Snow White in this ranking, But while the latter is assumed to be a perfect mom (even with a whiny as Emma), for the Evil Queen is a pleasant surprise. Henry has bridged the gap inevitably created by the naughtiness that she, bringing in his life that true love that ’ has led to change.

You who add to list?


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