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The 22 September on CBS will air the premiere of Limitless, the new drama that acts as a sequel to the film ’ 2011 with Bradley Cooper.

On TV Line You can see the trailer, that in seconds shows the extraordinary ability he is capable of the protagonist Brian Finch After taking the NZT, the drug that allows the 100% the right brain. Thanks to this last ’ the life of the film character of Bradley Cooper, Edward Morra, He was taken off in every field, in the long run, however, with serious side effects; However the end saw him running for the Senate and perfectly able to manage its capacity enhanced. The series resumes at a short distance from those events, with Edward already has his Senate plans for the young Brian, with which has a relation to dark of ’ ’ FBI. The guy with his skills attracted the attention of the ’ last ’, that forces him to use them to solve complex cases.

Brian is to interpret Jake McDorman, known for the roles of Evan in Greek and Mike in Shameless. Brian will be joined by special agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter, Debra in Dexter) and Spelman Boyle (Hill Harper), While Nasreen "Naz" Pouran (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, the Maid Marian of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) Head of Division of the FBI that investigates ’ on ’ NZT. Bradley Cooper has a recurring role.

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman during Comic Con had stated "We love the movie and what was so great about the movie was it held the promise of what could come"; in fact the conclusion had left a certain curiosity about turn from the life of Edward Morra and particularly on whether the man was still under ’ l ’ ’ effect of NZT. Although Bradley Cooper has only a minor role, the premise of this show are more than interesting, and can conquer even those who haven't seen Limitless. If then, like me, you loved the movies and/or you have a penchant for Bradley Cooper, the new CBS drama is a must.

The trailer shown at Comic Con:


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