LOST, 10 years from the pilot

If in may We celebrated the fourth anniversary of the historic final, Today it falls another important anniversary: il 22 September 2004 aired the pilot for LOST, and that was the day that changed television history, on the day he officially seriality an artwork.

Lloyd Braun, former President ABC, He was fired just for giving its consent to the production of the series, spending well 12 millions of dollars just for the pilot episode (at the time the most expensive ever), but his presence was still felt for all six seasons: indeed, Although lowered shades, is his the voice that announced “previously on LOST” at the beginning of each episode. This sentence is a good memory for all the losties, as well as many other details: the ROAR at the end of those 40 minutes when the screen went black, “Not Penny's boat”, the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. The great merit of LOST was to awaken in viewers unprecedented involvement (otherwise we would never have made studying the Fibonacci sequence!), taking them to a critical analysis, philosophic and almost obsessive about every detail.

This attachment to the series is the reason why the 22 September 2004 It is not the day of the broadcast of the pilot, il 22 September 2004 is the day when the Oceanic 815 crashed on the island. The plane came into our lives with all the characters that are followed; and like any great love we can't forget the moment when it all began.

R. – The presentation of sky tv guide I had enough to want to watch the first episode: “incidente aereo” and “Mystery” were two more than enough ingredients. I still remember perfectly the moment of vision, just appeared the first credits the immediate comment was “But it is beautiful!” and I couldn't stop myself from comment on each scene and each character. Had sufficed 40 minutes and one of the key aspects of LOST (sharing the experience) It was already to the nth degree. The characters (Locke and Hurley in the first place), the plane a thousand miles off course, the monster in the jungle, everything was an exciting mystery that I should try to unravel step by step along with the protagonists. Favorite scene: the first night on the island; those noises coming from the jungle seemed the warning that this was not an island any, that was the LOST island.

S. – With a little’ late and after listening to the enthusiastic comments about my co-author R., It was impossible to remain indifferent, I got myself aboard flight 815: as typically happens in these cases, I jumped headfirst into a marathon to retrieve arrears episodes; I started watching knowing already that was wonderful, but knowing those characters was still better than expected. My favorite scene of the pilot is where Shannon prefers to get the glaze instead of eating the Apollo bar that offers Boone, saying that both will eat later on “rescue boat”… of, as you are wrong!

What was the first episode that has affected you?


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