News: American Horror Story: Freakshow, main title and first trailer

A few days after the premiere (the October 8 on American channel FX) are circulated the first full trailer for the new season of American Horror Story e il, always creepy, main title. As we know this year's Ryan Murphy series will explore the world of freak show, through the story of one of the last remaining in the United States, that you just moved into the town of Jupiter, in Florida. The pilot will run for 90 minutes from the trailer it looks like it will be through the experience of newcomer Sarah Paulson (in the role of Siamese twins Bette and Dot) that we will know the characters freak, led by Jessica Lange. The latter plays Elsa Mars, keen to keep alive his circus; However the real threat they will face will not be the drop in audience, but a terrifying killer clown (John Carroll Lynch). A fight for survival in every sense!

All images seen so far – and the main title below is not far behind – confirm that the ingredients are there to scare us all (I'm afraid the clown of EN There will be only a distant memory), but after all this is supposed to be the last season of Jessica Lange, so will of necessity be uproarious!


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