News: CM Punk a Talking Dead – by R.


As many will know the airing of USA The Walking Dead is followed by the program Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwick, where with actors of the series and other guests discuss the episode (Personally I would appreciate something similar for other series, one above all Game of Thrones). This week the program has had great resonance in the preceding days beyond the series itself: among the guests, In addition to Melissa McBride and Yvette Nicole Brown, c was ’ Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, the first television appearance since leaving WWE. Already during the past season – where he was distinguished for beating a new record to video games – the wrestler has always been a big fan of the series and its comic strip. C ’ was a lot of curiosity than its first return to tv, not only from the fans, But even the same WWE who feared what he could say about his relations with the Federation. In fact the Best in the World is limited to the comment of ’ episode, even with widely shared considerations on the new role that each character takes after the advent of ’ ’-zombie apocalypse. However there were phrases that have attracted particular attention: faced with a commentary, Yvette Nicole Brown called it sweeter than past and he responded that he was "a totally new person" and "all about forgiveness" – connecting to Tyreese's forgiveness toward Carol. Obviously, given the current situation, every word is analyzed and interpreted. It should be noted that was presented with his real name, Although it was inevitable to clarify "a.k.a. CM Punk ". How many fans have recognized the guy in Chicago appeared in shape, relaxed and in a good mood, which makes the ’ goodbye to WWE less bitter; but hope to see him back remains – also from me, is the first time I have been to cheer against Triple H.


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