News: Game of Thrones 5 You repopulate with the characters of Dorne – by R. and S.

During the panel at Comic Con 2014 Game of Thrones presents the new cast members who will meet in the next season. It is predominantly of the characters inhabiting Dorne, birthplace of Oberyn Martell, and United where Myrcella Baratheon was sent during the second series to secure their Alliance. The only daughter of Cersei, whose position as the inheritor of the Martell promise becomes very critical after the death of the Red Viper, recasting was made that led to the selection of the young in the Tiger Free. Also worth mentioning for Jonathan Pryce High role which will arrive at King Sparrow's Landing. With the duel between Oberyn and Gregor Clegane, the storyline of Dorne will be one of the principal for next season, We must disentangle ourselves between a new Kingdom and many new players, including the various daughters of the deceased Oberyn. The fate of this affair will be formally in the hands of the Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig) much milder and reflective of his brother, but that will not fly over the death of the latter. After Tywin's death and the presence of increasingly pressing Tyrell will come new troubles for the Lannister?


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