News, Game of Thrones: first teaser trailer for the fifth season


There are still several months back on the screens of Game of Thrones, but the HBO starts to warm waiting for us viewers with the first (very short) teaser trailer. Ten seconds in which we distinguish Arya and in the background the words that Melisandre the turned in their encounter occurred during the third season “I see darkness in you”. “The Children” He greeted with the removal of the young Stark from the Seven Kingdoms and its new location beyond the sea will probably be one of the main themes of the fifth series, Unlike his brother Bran that, as has been previously announced, will not be present (We emphasize that his storyline on the screen is now on par with that of the last book published by George R. R. Martin). The joke of Melisandre had cast a dark shadow on the fate of Arya, We already had a taste on multiple occasions (final test is the abandonment of a dying Sandor Clegane), what the future holds that opened thanks to the coin of Jaqen h'ghar?

But to intrigue even the most is the launch of a new portal dedicated to the series and particularly the Three Eyed Raven, that Crow that makes it possible to perceive the past, present and future and that thanks to Bran we started learning about since the first season. The homepage carries the inscription “The Raven brings the sight. Continue to receive visions of the future” and after registration “You now have the power of the Sight. Keep watch for visions of the future”. It probably is a new way to update fans with all the latest advances for the fifth series, along the lines of the site Making Game of Thrones, so going to fill the gap of many months between one season and the other; to find out more about it we just have to wait for the next news from Three Eyed Raven!

Here is the tweet with the two news from the world of Westeros were announced


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