News: Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia Shepherd is back – by S.


Tv Guide announces the return of Amelia Shepherd, from the beginning of May to the end of the tenth season. For intellectual honesty I must declare publicly that he never followed Private Practice, so my character's knowledge is limited to what has been shown in Grey's Anatomy.It is desirable that his arrival is the introduction by an angle a little’ more interesting for Derek and Meredith, currently left in the background without too many compliments. Many, in addition to, consider the future replacement of Cristina: someone has to fill the void, especially in the life of Meredith, that without the other Twisted Sister will be deprived of half of his dialogues.

Purtroppo, in cases like these, we just have to wait and have faith in Shonda. If among readers there was some fan of Private Practice feel free to comment to deepen my knowledge on the subject Amelia (In addition to explaining how did he endure Addison for all those years!)!


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