News, lo spin-off di The Walking Dead ci porterà a Los Angeles


To help in deceiving the wait during this bleak winter break The Walking Dead We think the increasingly constant advances on its spin-off, the pilot is expected to be shot at the beginning 2015. After the announcement of characters and the first cast members, TV Line tell us what will be the new set: the West Coast, precisely in its city symbol, Los Angeles. A warmer climate so for new survivors, but mostly it is rumored that the events should be temporarily placed in the immediate aftermath of the explosion of the epidemic. The spin-off of The Walking Dead would like to answer the many questions that we ask ourselves for fans 5 years: What is happening in the rest of the world? And how it all started? Everything we know we learned step by step with our Sheriff Rick Grimes, thrown together in a world where the Apocalypse had already consumed. The few flashbacks starring Lori, Shane and Carl and the testimonies of the various survivors were not enough to fill the gaps, But if it really turns out to be a prequel spinoff than the story of Rick&Co. the answers that we might not delay.


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