News: first trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead – by R.

The first official trailer of the fifth season of The Walking Dead is finally here, distributed by AMC at this year 2014 the Comic Con. If the Season Finale had left us with a cliffhanger high-tension, These first images don't disappoint expectations, Indeed the scene suggests that this new season will be even stronger than the previous. If you don't want spoilers don't watch the trailer and not continue reading because important advances are not lacking.

In just under three minutes we witness the confrontation-confrontation between Rick&Co. and the eerie inhabitants of Terminus until a sort of agreement between the same: to travel to Washington, d.c.. so that we can find a cure against the walkers. But living together is not easy with those who have imprisoned – and who knows what worse things combine – and the words of Rick constantly remind that we should not trust them. From the pictures it shows also that the family Grimes manages to rejoin the little Judith and consequently Carol and Tyreese gather at the Group. The only one that seems to fail to respond is Beth, whose fate is probably one of the most pressing questions. But the final seconds give us something about her, tranquillizzandoci about it being alive, Although in a worrying situation and difficult to frame.

Through the trailer is also announced the return date on the screens, il 12 October. The countdown can officially begin, always keeping in mind “They're screwing with the wrong people”.


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