News, Revenge: toward the series finale?

A few hours after the airing of the series premiere Tv Guide meet Emily VanCamp and James Tupper who share interesting comments at the end of the third season and how they hope will end the series. Although there are still some rumors claim that the fourth confirmations may be the last year that we will spend in the Hamptons. In fact the fold who took the events would seem to lead towards that road, but it is said that the shocking return of David Clarke cannot give rise to a storyline meant to last. In the event it is important that you arrive at a satisfactory conclusion!

And that would be the end of the third season according to VanCamp, with Amanda that had reached its desired goal. The revelation about the beloved father shuffles the cards and throws a new light on the path faced by his daughter. However personally I agree with what was said by James Tupper that Conrad and Victoria are still ruined the lives of Amanda and her being alive all this time do perceive a sense of even greater injustice. The interpreter of David Clarke was very curious of the fan reaction on the resurrection of his character and I had had a glimpse from a very special telespettatrice, the companion Anne Heche, actress met on the set of the series Men in Trees.

I cannot fail to mention the words of Emily VanCamp on how it hopes will end the series, that fully respects what I want to happen since the pilot “Of course, She and Jack realize they truly are soul mates. It has to happen. The ultimate salvation for her is to find love.” Wouldn't that be a wonderful ending? Certainly it would be the only reason I could accept the end of the show!


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