News: The Big Bang Theory, the new season at risk of postponement – by R. and S.


The production of The Big Bang Theory, that was supposed to start today, was officially postponed (for now only a day) because of the non-renewal of the contract of the five original cast members. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, indeed, Although represented by different agencies and, recently, from several law firms, contract as a United Front demanding a raise from the current $ 300.000 adjusted dollars per episode to one million per episode (the same figure applied for and obtained, in his time, the cast of Friends). Undergoing renovations with a request to increase contracts Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar (the previous contracts were, respectively, $ 125.000 and $ 75.000 for episode), But even on that front the signature doesn't seem close.

This is not the first time The Big Bang Theory addresses these problems, but when the actors asked the first increase in 2010 their contracts were expired and were not required to show up anyway on set, conducting negotiations in parallel. Just two weeks ago Nina Tassler, President of CBS Mode, They said trusting that the agreement would be found in time, but to ensure the airing of season premiere on 22 September negotiations should not last beyond the weekend of Labor Day. Although the series has been renewed for three more seasons, We just have to wait eagerly and pray that actors and Warner Bros. TV you agree.


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