News: The Walking Dead promises a new shock – by R.


If you weren't already pretty excited about the season finale of The Walking Dead, We think Robert Kirkman to remedy. The site of Entertainment Weekly reports of statements by series creator announcing a new shock for us fans – provocatoci trauma from the death of Hershel wasn't enough?

The previews are essentially two, the first of which concerns the Sheriff Grimes, It will be pushed to the limit, new and more intensely than ever happened. Against all human prediction according to Kirkman this is possible – After all of the promo images you see it actually really tried. I hope not touching Carl, his steady improvement has made him one of the kids tv series that I appreciate the most.

There is also talk of a possible cliffhanger that promises to keep us energized for the coming months, as if waiting in a week and the other is not hard enough. Although according to Kirkman some questions will be answered, It seems that we will remain in suspense. And the use of the terms “talking/sobbing” makes me think that I will have to prepare your handkerchiefs.

In short, we still haven't seen the finale and already think about the fifth season. And given the weather of shock announced the big question is: of the main cast will all fall?


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