Nomination Emmy 2014 – by R. and S.


The 25 agosto 2014 andranno in onda i 66esimi Prime Time Emmy Awards, i premi che ogni anno celebrano i programmi tv con particolare riguardo alle serie. Un momento di festa per lo scenario televisivo e il pubblico che vede la riunione in unico teatro di tutti i personaggi più amati. O quasi, perché non sempre le decisioni della commissione deputata ad esprimere le preferenza trovano il consenso di noi spettatori. Already starting with the nomination it's raining criticism about why someone Yes and someone no; agree that not everyone can be appointed, but certain exclusions appear truly inexplicable, especially in light of who is included in the various categories. And it is not simply “haven't put my show/favorite actor”, but also of product quality and performance assessments. There are series of great success with audiences and critics but are never taken into consideration. How can you not nominate The Walking Dead? Because it is a fantasy series? You can't dwell on the appearance and vote only products clearly focused on the human spirit, You should be able to go further and note that other series have to offer the same quality. Just see Game of Thrones, a fantasy series, but where this might be sidelined by focusing solely on characters without losing any of its charm. Instead each year receives a few nominations and takes home only technical figurines. This year we happily nominations of Peter Dinklage, and for the first time Lena Headey – Although we doubt we will be seeing one of them up on stage – but the rest of the cast is totally forgotten, as if one category was some sort of SOP to supporters of the show. Last year we had “satisfied” nominating Emilia Clarke, This year – in which perhaps deserves even more of the last edition, When was a huge hole failure to appoint Michelle Fairley – is set aside in favor of another female lead. Game of Thrones It is perhaps the clearest example of how certain series are always rewarded apart while others are inexplicably let the pole. We think of Mad Men who won for years beating each opponent (even the last season of Lost) and that only recently has given the sceptre to Homeland before and Breaking Bad then (awarded only in recent seasons when there was no talk on the other). Homeland after big cheers is magically disappeared from best drama (even if it keeps the nomination of Claire Danes as actress) and we cannot be sorry; surprisingly absent from the category also The Good Wife: the final season aired has been acclaimed episode after episode as an example of television's masterpiece, but he lost the nomination in favor of Downton Abbey what a, instead, lately has been much less successful and lost some’ of its enamel; rest, la presenza di Downton Abbey serves to justify the nomination of Michelle Dockery as best actress, Although we would expect that his place was going, rather, to Keri Russell; the same applies to the other co-starred in The Americans, Matthew Rhys, that could very well have been nominated for best actor in a leading role in place of Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom. Continues to be nominated without ever winning – well probably this year will jump – Jon Hamm, un po’ the Leonardo Di Caprio of Emmy; poor thing, the long seems almost a mockery. And if not will Bryan Cranston to steal the spotlight, It will be the very one who has snatched Dare of Oscar, Matthew McConaughey, that dazzle the jurors with the sparkle of the statuette of Hollywood and all the outcry over the last year. Another strange case is the candidacy of Kerry Washington in the category “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for her role as Olivia Pope in Scandal. Now as we venerate Shonda Rhimes to give us every year our Grey’s Anatomy, We cannot see in Scandal a show totally overrated, like his protagonist who besides winks and frills of the lips to give herself a sensual serious tone is not. Yet it is not the first time that a candidate, complete with cheers for his every slightest gesture (even in the face of those dresses worn to the latest Awards).


With regard to category comedy, well deserved the nomination of The Big Bang Theory, as well as that of his Jim Parsons; for both this was an important season: in the finale we witnessed a plunge by Sheldon (shocked by too many sudden changes, including the engagement of Leonard and Penny, decided to go solo), a step which until recently we never even imagined. The skill of the series it was this, that is, take us step by step to this incident, so it seemed only natural; It must also be acknowledged that such a breakthrough is quite courageous by a sitcom, format that makes the habit and patterns used to repeat its strong point; nonostante questo, to date The Big Bang Theory remains the comedy with the ratings highest ever of American tv, which says a lot about his quality (and about his chances of winning, finally, an Emmy). Meanwhile Jim Parsons continues to give the best of himself, It's really hard to remember an episode where I haven't plucked at least a couple of laughs, Although in the long run the risk monotony is always higher. In particolare, We absolutely loved the episode 7×20, According to us clear indication of his prowess: After 20 hilarious minutes, Here's the best part of the episode, those final seconds where you only hear the voice drunk with Sheldon overs while leaving messages in the voice of Stephen Hawking. The hilarity that elicits without even needing to show the camera is proof not only of how Sheldon is now a figure very well defined in our minds, but also the bond that viewers feel toward him and Parsons to make it alive. Little curiosity: just the episode 3×18, When we first saw Sheldon drunk, Jim Parsons has earned his first Emmy Award in 2010; that his blood alcohol level of the seventh season is a good omen! Moving on to less fortunate series, instead, do you immediately notice the drastic decrease of nominations for Modern Family, until recently the undisputed Queen as both best comedy series, both for individual cast members. And even zero accolades as much for The Mindy Project that for New Girl; with regard to the first, go get the congratulations to Mindy Kaling that, Announcing the nominations, He discovered live not to be nominated for best actress in a comedy and did a turn; about New Girl we have to say that I'm a little’ disappointed, especially since he could very well take the place of Veep for outstanding comedy (There is still incomprehensible victory in this series last year), just as there seemed more deserving of a nomination Zooey Deschanel that Melissa McCarthy (but it is the Cog of the press and criticism lately, with rare exceptions, so it was almost taken for granted). It also notes that, Despite the nomination for best comedy series, no actor of The Big Bang Theory is never seriously considered: for Mayim Bialik is the third consecutive nomination, but we don't have any real chance of victory; in the past they have been candidates for the statuette also Melissa Rauch and Johnny Galecki, But even there was no longer a “Please” fans that a real recognition; fits perfectly in this scheme the constant snobbery against Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, which for us remains one of the most underrated actresses.


Get many nominations American Horror Story: Coven, what a, among other, see candidates as best leading ladies and not Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy and Kathy Bates. Luckily the miniseries is based on female characters or they would have had no hope against the cast-takes all of The Normal Heart.

You Herald wins hands down, indeed, for The Normal Heart, with nominations for practically the whole cast, and the award for best picture, miglior regia per Ryan Murphy e parecchie altre (are 16 in tutto, SEDICI!); altrettanto prevedibili le premiazioni di Bryan Cranston, Mathew McConaughey e, in alternativa tra loro, Breaking Bad and True Detective. Nonostante queste facili previsioni noi non cediamo e, cercando di fare il meglio di queste nomination, manteniamo salde le nostre preferenze:

Outstanding Drama: Game of Thrones

Outstanding Actor in a Drama: Jon Hamm (Mad Men); Kevin Spacey (House of Cards);

Outstanding Actress in a Drama: Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex); Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones);

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama: Lena Headey (Game of Thrones);

Outstanding Comedy: The Big Bang Theory;

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy: Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory);

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy: Amy Pohler (Parks and Recreation); Taylor Schilling (Orange Is The New Black);

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Ty Burrell/Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family);

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Emma Bialik (The Big Bang Theory); Julie Bowen (Modern Family);

Outstanding Miniseries: American Horror Story: Coven; The White Queen;

Outstanding Television Movie: The Normal Heart; Killing Kennedy;

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: Idris Elba (Luther);

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie: Jessica Lange (American Horror Story: Coven);

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: Matt Bomer/Jim Parsons (The Normal Heart);

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie: Kathy Bates (American Horror Story: Coven); Julia Roberts (The Normal Heart).

Di solito le nostre preferenze sono minoritarie, voi per chi votereste? Ditecelo nei sondaggi!


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