Once Upon A Time – 3×04 Nasty Habits – by R.


Once Upon A Time It has already taught us that the character of a fairy tale can have more than one identity, Rumplestiltskin is the most representative example: is the beast of Beauty and the beast, the crocodile that has deprived hand Hook, the Dark One. With all these roles is strange that does not suffer any personality disorder. The flashbacks about his life we always reveal a new identity or truth that could have major consequences on the ongoing events.

With this episode we discover that the ratio of Rumple and Peter Pan goes far beyond a simple comparison of previous villains, the two lived together childhood, as long as the Lord little boy hasn't been to Neverland, from that moment became what is still and seems even to have betrayed Rumple. The version of the Dark One must always be taken with a grain of salt, but from the descriptions provided so far by those who knew him, Peter Pan really looks like the most cruel of the wizarding world and further confirms the image of a real kidnapper. In fact Peter is presented as the protagonist of the tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which is cleared the estrangement of mice, replaced by the next one of children: Pan with his music appealed to children to recruit new Lost Boys. Obviously among them could not miss the young Baelfire – which then meets him well before the times of Wendy; that kid has crossed his path more fairytale characters of the father, until last season even knew who he was and now it turns out that is the prezzemolino of every fairy tale. Then as now Rumple falls into the same nasty habits: don't trust the son; in the past he did not believe that Bae would choose him instead of Pan, now he has the courage to tell him about the prophecy involving Henry. In both cases fall into the trap of Peter, that this is thus able to get Henry even before the child even knows what happened. Neal has so little confidence in the father that whenever something happens between their returns to the abandoned child acting impulsively and gets into trouble; at his age by now should be able to reason a little’ di più. Half bet to save Henry and everything is ruined in three minutes; father and son will not agree, but there are emergency circumstances that require cooperation despite all, even Emma and Queen have understood. Thankfully Henry's fine and he's smarter than all of them put together; the fact that now is undergoing the influence of Peter Pan does not know whether it is good or bad, I doubt they keep alive the magic is negative, so it might just feel the importance of its role.

Do not demonstrate as much cunning even Emma & Co., who needs words of Tinker Bell to understand that before you sneak into the camp of Peter Pan should have a plan to get out of it – ma va?! And’ totally useless recover Henry if not then know how to leave Neverland, It's as if Theseus hadn't had Ariadne's thread to exit the maze – except that I don't think will eliminate the Minotaur that for them is Peter, so it would be even worse. The only one to be able to abandon Neverland without the consent of Pan is Neal, but the eternal kid in this episode puts the suspicion that if he was gone was because he wanted him. Unaware of what the group led by Hook find a clue how Bae had succeeded to escape; is Emma to have a more complex map of discovering any physics formula, map which also has a specific code to be interpreted. As Emma points out the only person who can read it is dead, you could ruin the moment with the stark reality. Miss Swan's mad – as usual – because his great love is dead right when he found out who abandoned her just to help her and she realized that she never stopped loving him. At least this time there is that is pissed off with the world, is one of the typical stages of grief, first he pretended nothing and now there is anger, then in a little’ We'll have the phase of depression. Hopefully meet before, Emma depressed could be even worse than that Sulky. His outburst causes the umpteenth Declaration of eternal love of Snow towards Charming, He doesn't give has never made as many as now that the poor guy has the weight of the secret of his death next. And this time, Snow takes the load "If you die, I would not be able to "move on", just what he needed, If already before didn't want them saying anything, who knows what you'll think.

Makes his reappearance also fine, but as far as apreciate the character this role of spirit/consciousness of Rumple is a ploy to make people think the protagonist on duty who already stand little, let alone if it then use it to more than one bet. At this point it was not better bring Belle at Neverland? Would have been far more effective.

An episode in which the storyline made steps forward – indeed almost none – in favor of a development of individual protagonists, with a focus on parent-child relationship. The only one who continues in the achievement of its objective is Peter Pan that is succeeding in attracting Henry on his side; see how it's going or else you give up or the villain Peter will succeed without much effort.



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