Once Upon A Time – 3×05 Good Form – by R.


The kiss is finished. Was in the air from their first meeting, but the subsequent plots had prevented their history could take seriously the way. And’ served a good-hearted Act by Hook because Emma is finally let go, even taking the initiative. The fact that the hostility of Miss Swan hid a strong attraction to Hook it was apparent, but the return of Neal and certainly not commendable acts performed by the captain during the second season, a slow path was inevitable. A spontaneous and passionate kiss, It does not disappoint expectations nate around the coppia. Emma already gets his hands on, attempting to resize all in a simple Thanksgiving – "One time thing" – for having saved David, but when Hook says "She's finally starting to see me for the man I am" I think it's in the right. Unfortunately for him he lost his head over a woman stubborn and cranky, seeking any excuse to throw away the chance of being happy for fear of getting burnt again. It should also worry that the last men so he tried something are not finished as well: the Hunter is dead, Bae got shot and survived by miracle. Already Bae, now Hook knows is alive and a prisoner of Peter Pan in Neverland, tell Emma the truth? The captain is the classic charming young man and a little’ bastard, that basically has a tender heart, the flashback to this episode does nothing but confirm the idea that we had matured by time. Become a pirate as a form of rebellion against a King ready to deception and tried by the loss of brother, Hook is a man of honor, that, for reasons still obscure in the past has made arrangements with the eternal kid. But if it is true that in love and war anything goes, the possibility to put aside the honor of truth to preserve a possible future with Emma is not so remote. It must be said, however, that sooner or later Miss Swan will discover the truth – if for no other because Pan not looking forward to rat – so if the attacker wants to avoid further confrontations with his lover will do well to speak. The triangle is now official, who will choose Emma? Until last week she cried for the loss of Neal, but now hurry to take the guise of thanks to kiss Hook. BAE definitely has the advantage of being the father of Henry – that with parents gathered would breathe the atmosphere of a family-and share with Emma an important past; not to mention the highly effective twist of his return on the girl. Hook is the novelty, the opportunity to turn the page and start a new chapter.

Besides the kiss in Hook, Emma goes a step further with Queen, sharing his methods unkind to contact Henry. But aside from informing him of the fact that they are at Neverland to save it, are not progressing much in operation. And’ two episodes that are stuck in the same place and only now are beginning to realize that the more time passes, the more there is a risk that Henry feels like a Lost Boy. Actually that child once again proves the most cunning: the two mothers and grandmother appear suddenly through a mirror and scream that is on its way, forgetting that is surrounded by the Lost Boys and that Pan is a looming presence – that child deprived of heart to act as Sentinel is totally useless – Thankfully Henry escapes in a moment of that absurd video-calling; He was no longer sure a traditional card?!

Small criticism to Snow that is concerned with the support of her daughter to the Evil Queen: on occasion the use of extreme measures is necessary; don't start with the story of the heart that goes black as when he killed Cora, It was a period of heavy depression, useless and irritating that I'm not going to hear it again.

With the help of Hook seem rather than Charming is now safe; or rather not die, but drinking from the source of the island forces him to forsake not more, otherwise certain death. But it seems the way to fix it? When should tell Snow that he cannot follow them will be sad! Also because I certainly wouldn't want to stay there with him, so will remain alone at Neverland between the clutches of Peter Pan and the pair of true love will still be broken. Already it's depressing in this episode when he greets his wife and daughter in the belief that die within hours – especially with that grumpy that Emma fails to give him a hug worthy of this name – but know that however will he and Snow will have to say goodbye is worse, I don't care who survive if there is more chance that they're together. If it's a major character must bow out, rather than do so tragic – Lexie and Mark of Grey’s Anatomy teach – so lets it down. So it must be another solution, After all they show is that a ship with a sail made from the wings of Pegasus can fly, never mind if you can't find another gimmick for Charming!

Another episode which ends without progress in the recovery of Henry, but with an interesting question mark about the identity of the new prisoner of Pan. Meanwhile, by dint of waiting for Emma & Co. have any ideas for escape, Tinker Bell will fall into a deep sleep!


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