Once Upon A Time – 3×06 Ariel – by R.


As you can see from the title we finally know the most famous Little Mermaid ever, Ariel (Joanna García Swisher), that has passed important with two prima donnas of the Enchanted Forest, Indeed, virtually all its history grew around Snow and Queen. If we are used to fairy tales Disney style the happy ending we consider a must, but not all of the original versions of Fables are responding to this rule, and the Little Mermaid talking is perhaps the most representative.

I personally find that the Little Mermaid by Andersen is perhaps the saddest tale ever, a real tragedy, with the main character who prefers to die and turn into sea foam, rather than kill the beloved Prince, an ungrateful not particularly awake. Although Once Upon A Time do not push that far, Here too the happy ending is far: Ariel had sacrificed his legs and the hope of a future with Prince (Gil McKinney) not to condemn Snow to a life under the sea. But Queen was certainly not settled for blow his dream of love, the had also deprived of its melodious voice, that returns only now because he needs your help. Once again she has met along the way Snow or the Evil Queen must suffer the oppression of the latter: If you cannot have happiness, No one else will, especially when that one comes between her and her revenge against her stepdaughter. Queen, like Rumple, in un modo o nell’altro, caught in all fairy tales, making us almost forget that the worlds of magic, there are other equally or perhaps more evil witches; Unfortunately for her with the deception that made victim Ariel has stomped your feet – or rather tentacles – Ursula (Yvette Nicole Brown), taking his likeness. I hope this "misunderstanding" of the past may have implications, considering that so far the villains have had only marginal roles – we knew tale see Maleficent in season – which is a shame, Since I'm always the most fascinating characters. Fortunately we now have Peter Pan, an unexpected villain, that just with his mind games is proving to be the most dangerous, so much so that after 6 episodes there has been progress in the recovery of Henry.

As far as the story of Ariel occupies much of the episode, the most important are those of Emma's group, forced to reveal their darkest secrets to rid Neal. Secrets that are intertwined by bringing, as you'd expect, a disruption of relations between its protagonists. After Snow confesses to wanting another child because he couldn't live the childhood of Emma, Charming is forced to tell her that it can never leave Neverland; I don't know how to define the reaction of her if not as a mixture of silent anger and concealed dismay, the fact that I don't want to talk about – for a chatterbox who analyzes every detail of the soul as she – It is really disturbing. No wonder rather than Emma has a minimal reaction to parental secrets, After all, the poor little orphan girl abandoned at birth can not miss the victim role. Miss Swan is predictable even compared to the Declaration of love by Hook, to her it was just a kiss, Woe to expect more. As if this wasn't enough mortification, the captain must also attend the reunion between her and Neal, that however is far from reality in the romantic moment that would be expected. Emma – after trying so ridiculous to cheat for not revealing his secret – confesses to Neal that she hoped was really dead "It would be easier for me to put you behind me than to face all the pain that we went through all over again"; I mean still thinks that it is better to avoid any involvement to avoid suffering, I thought this time we'd already outdated, Instead it is apparently still in full swing. And’ the same argument made by Queen when Tinker Bell had focused on true love: in fact Emma Swan looks more like the Evil Queen, guilty of his life by orphan, that the mother, isn't it sad? Poor Snow, He has a daughter completely unaffectionate. – with the exception of feelings for his son – and since the dawn of time, identical to the woman who wants her dead.

I think it's now the third game in a row where there are no concrete progress to save Henry; We say that with the recovery of Neal make one small step, Since you should be able to get out of Neverland, but after that conversation with Pan, the doubt is legitimate. Queen, used to winning, She realized that it was getting dragged to the bottom by the Group of losers, then abandoned them in favor of Rumple – saving it also from pretend Belle, that even an idiot would debunked as it was contradicted macroscopically trying to persuade him to build a new life with her to Curse and damn son and grandson. And maybe see you soon quite the quaint town since Queen wants Ariel go to receuperare an object of Rumple, which would be a good time to revisit old characters and perhaps you also the possibility of a future prospects for her and Eric – a development of their history is necessary. On the other side as far as Emma denies even herself or her feelings, It is now between two men in love ready for anything to conquer it, who will win the day? Whereas a woman quite likely will have to go with feet of lead to conquer it, any mistake will become a growing beyond belief to find an excuse to avoid any commitment. At the time Henry ever take him away far from the Operation concerned loving thank you. Some understanding of who she really is in love with is not easy, After words of two episodes ago, I would have staked everything on Neal, but then there was the kiss in Hook; and now he finds himself the father of her child instead of treat it as an opportunity to live a love that was believed lost, do you take from the fear of suffering and comes out with his usual phrase "I wish I could change what I feel…". Those two men are only too inclusive!


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