Once Upon A Time – 3×07 Dark Hollow – by R.


After several episodes of stalled there are finally serious strides towards recovery of Henry. On the one hand the intrusion into the camp of Pan looks next; the other Neverland could soon be swamped by all the evils of the world, now that Queen and Rumple are in possession of the mythical Pandora's box. Many efforts that are likely to be thwarted, however, by "Yes" from Henry that closes the episode. With the help of the mysterious prisoner, Peter Pan convinces the kid to take action to save the magic, but the question is what will this task for Henry. Peter mentions "heroism and sacrifice" and these terms concern me greatly: Henry is really the truest believer and I fear will spare no neither quality. Despite having always been the smartest of all the cast, This time Henry easily fall into the trap of Pan, but it was all well orchestrated: a famous fairytale character who is about to die for the disappearance of magic. Although this description would think Tinker Bell – now I just wasted – on the basis of a review of the known myth that if a child says that fairies don't exist, a fairy godmother loses wings, but in reality it is none other than Wendy Darling (Freya Tingley). However here Peter Pan is ruthless and already in the second season he had sensed that the girl was not thrilled to Neverland, I never thought I could keep her prisoner Wendy. The adored, It was the only one being female in his life besides Tinker Bell – that in fact I was jealous – possible that there is not a shred of that tender sentiment that United them in the fairy tale? In the latter, Peter gave a new direction to his life after discovering that his mother had "forgotten" about him, also in Once Upon A Time will this be the explanation for his meanness? In that case we would have to wonder who is her mom with the plots to which we have become accustomed the series the answer may not be trivial.

Meanwhile it finally returns to Storybrooke, where Beautiful, After initial hesitation, emerges as heroine before in the protection of the city – although in half – then with the two young men under the command of Peter Pan, that others are not that John (Matt Kane) and Michael (James Immekus) Darling, Wendy's brothers, forced to do the minions of Pan under the threat of death of sister. In all this, however, much of the credit goes to Ariel, with its ingenuity manages to bring a smile and hope in fine, that at the beginning of the episode does not believe to be able to accomplish the missions required by the beloved and also begins to lose hope of seeing him again, where is la Belle that began the day singing Bonjour to those fools of his countrymen? Thanks Ariel: After la Belle version spirit/consciousness which tries to target Rumple on track, one was to impede you can't handle. Now that they have fulfilled their tasks, are free to running continuously with their lovers; If the librarian will have to wait, the Little Mermaid thanks to reward of Queen can get in search of her Prince Eric, I hope for her to be smarter to Andersen. To emphasize the link between the pawn shop to Rumple, full of the most diverse objects, and the urge of Ariel for the various accessories of the human world, that in the Disney film led her to turn a cave beneath the sea in a collection of objects that would fade the Dark One.

At Neverland final preparations for retrieving Henry backdrop to sentimental character comparisons. Snow keeps the strike of silence, upset because David did not believe in their love: predictably she has no plans to leave him alone on the island, best two hearts and a tree house at Neverland that alone anywhere else, After all are the symbol of True Love. And as such it calms quickly enough, with the many forced separations endured, Snow and Charming must try to stick together when this just depends on their. After the reckless disregard of last episode, Emma strives to make her daughter cared for parents, but his words reflect the same "tunnel vision" of the father, as pointed out by Snow: It is obvious that fails to understand the concept of "believe in us" since it's by three seasons that doesn't believe in anything, in some cases not even the evidence. Facing however a faint hope when to save his two contenders managed to put into practice what he taught her Queen in magic theme. I say subtle because it never fails to minimize for the event claiming not to know how he did it, but at least he did it, so do note that for a moment we believed. His focus – rightly – It is as predicted "All I care about is getting my son back", don't you think that the fact that two men are in love with her can be a source of problems – and let us realize that we came her mother who always sees the world with optimism. A reason if two cocks in the same coop cannot stand will be there and in fact, just a discussion about who should do what because you degenerate risking to blow it all. Emma can postpone what you think, but sooner or later will have to address the issue and, as said Hook, the paper "If I had to choose someone, I choose Henry. He's the only love I have room for in my life "can no longer gamble, because certainly those two don't surrender, inexplicably are both really in love with her. Although Neal is currently somewhat Sullenly to the kiss between her and Hook, After rescuing Henry will take little to think about the fact that she thought he was dead and to remember that among the reasons for his trip to Neverland there was even confess his love before it's too late. Across the charming Captain makes a new statement that betrays a great safety "When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it, It will not be because of any trickery, It will be because you want me ", but that is hard to resist. After this I would say that the small advantage that had Bae is totally nullified, the two will share the same level. Hook's right, I will be fun to see what will happen when will battle for the heart of Miss Swan.

The action is fast approaching: Peter Pan is about to be attacked from two sides, thing that might prove too good for him if the Group of Queen Emma and the couple-they will stomp your feet each other is Rumple. But the only one that matters is Henry, in the end can only be him to decide the future of all characters involved.



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