Once Upon A Time – 3×08 Think Lovely Thoughts – by R.


Raise your hand if you yelled "No, Henry!"in unison with Emma, Queen and Neal. A forced reaction after finding out the truth about Peter Pan. But Henry, by truest believer what is, cannot withdraw from the mission to save the magic, Although her mother arrives to warn him that it's all a trick to ensure long life to Pan. How to blame that poor little boy? Emma was about to condemn them to eternal sleep when he didn't want to believe the story of poisoned Apple, then knows that he would invent anything to hinder him in his task. And in a moment Henry tears the heart out and gives it to Peter. A heart brighter than any Christmas decoration, that reminded me of the various crystals, seeds etc… that Sailor Moon enemies sought – and typically only the Sailor senshi were holding those shinin'. We can't lose Henry! As I mentioned, is one of the few children of tv series absolutely adorable, and the only one that so far has managed to keep the world of fairy tales. If it wasn't for him, we'd still have Snow to make the teacher depressed and the blue fairy sister face will. And’ un po’ ironic that just when Emma begins seriously to believe – even goes so far to say it clearly, a real event – the son listen to the enemy instead of her. But on the other hand if she takes 3 years to understand how things are, It's not the fault of Henry. Peter Pan had ben warned that when he managed to find it again it is said that he did not want to go home with her.

Henry has always been smart and cunning, But Peter Pan was played well each card, completing all with Wendy and the choice of words addressed to him in the final scene. This ability of persuasion by Peter is particularly upsetting in light of the revelation of her identity. The fairy tale read by children is completely distorted in favor of a comparable to the final twist Sleepy Hollow. Peter Pan is the father of Rumplestiltskin! That man inept, cheater and drunk had abandoned her son to be able to truly live his "Lovely thoughts" at Neverland and now dying great-nephew to stay a kid forever. It is one thing to Pinocchio that back child because he couldn't share childhood with Geppetto, But why has a son and he threw his life away? If I could have a slight sympathy for the villain Peter, After this discovery has vanished altogether: now I see it only as a man who has never been able nor has ever wanted to take a responsibility in life; a coward – as it has always defined Rumple – who preferred to turn its back on the son and now the rest of his family to live without worries. In practice never got over that phase of passage between adolescence and maturity, What if he could be justified in the face of a child who was not in fact ever grew, It is irritating in front of man made and finished. To worsen the vision that he spent quite a while’ of time and naps is unable to stop even in front of the great grandson. And say that most men usually useless before children and grandchildren have remorse of conscience, that brings great satisfaction, but it's still something, see Alex's father in Grey’s Anatomy. But Peter Pan no, It's just a little selfish, whose real identity removes any fun aspect of his being villain.

Also concerned about the fate of Rumple, you got cheated out of that kind of father just like a child. With the current appearance he seem the father yet opposite Papa Pan goes back to being the child of a naïve time – that nonetheless showed a mental level higher than the parent. Anything goes, but we are talking about the Dark One! Be more "generous" as asks Neal doesn't include even becoming a rookie. And then cannot remain stuck in the Pandora right now that we know who's able to help Charming!

However between grotta with hourglass light and the black shadow can't help but think Lost! Pity that Peter Pan does not share anything about Jacob!

The episode ends with Peter Pan set by the powerful magic of heart of truest believer, While Henry is lying on the ground. The situation is really critical. The only hope is represented by two mothers of little boy, the only currently able to wield a magic that can counter that of Peter Pan. If out of Regina are confident, I have doubts on the estate of Emma, that might get caught again by the despair and throw to air progress. But having half life of son I hope, After all, in a similar circumstance in the finale of the first season had defeated a dragon, they will not put under by a kid cocky?!



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