Once Upon A Time – 3×09 Save Henry – by R.


As had been announced before the premiere, in this third season of Once Upon A Time We would have known more about way Henry became the adopted son of Queen. This was the episode that expected, Although not all the mystery around the child's discovery is revealed. We already knew that Rumple we had put her hand directing Queen to that baby, but with this episode we discover that Wendy's brothers were on his trail, posing as prospective gay parents; then Peter Pan 11 years ago was well aware of the identity of the truest believer. Again these unexpected twists that you discover slowly I remember pleasantly flashbacks of Lost.

Apart from the detail of the brothers Darling there are big news on the arrival of Henry to Storybrooke, being all focused on the evolution of maternal love by Queen, in parallel with saving the boy at Neverland. Last season (2×17 Welcome to Storybooke) We had witnessed the birth of the desire to have someone to share the perfect life that the Evil Queen was conquered – giving up however the person he loved most in the world, the father. The arrival of the little Owen had filled that void, but the illusion was short and was at the origin of the trouble that led to Neverland. The next step was clear: so here comes Henry – called just like his father – that little guy was adorable. Despite the good will the mother and son struggling to take off, but before those baby Queen never gives up: She is the mother of Henry and will never abandon him. And in fact at Neverland, you take care of the situation and to return to his son his bright heart. This parallelism between two rounds Once Upon A Time makes it clear that children are not who makes them, but who grows them. The blood, the dna will have importance for genetic inheritance, but otherwise counts only love and closeness during growth. Regina has made many mistakes, but he always loved Henry as his son and it showed even last year when to respect her wishes made by the. Emma is the biological mother, but in this episode is put into the background; even when Henry is now safe, is the Evil Queen who stands at the side as when he was little. There comes a time when it would seem the "blood invocation", when little Henry subside in the arms of Snow, but then the love of Regina has the same effect. As Henry may love Emma, This will never replace the woman who raised him. Among other things to get it to the Evil Queen has put at risk the maintenance of that curse which had so wanted; Queen had discovered the identity of the natural mother of Henry, but he preferred to forget with a spell any concerns relating to give the child what he deserved: a mom who thought only to his good. And keeping it with them has unknowingly saved by then from the clutches of Peter Pan.

From how the situation had been submitted so desperate, I must say I am very surprised to reach out and recover the Genna heart to fix everything; It took her less than Peter Pan to get it. But the believe by defeating Peter is an illusion. Never rush into important issues, in fact they are there in three to retrieve the heart, but no one thinks to make innocuous Pan; tie it, imprison it, anything to make sure it does not impede their departure from the island. No, No it makes us a little thought. The only trick is always to Queen, making a spell so that nobody can take away his son's heart again. Peter has for decades on the trail of Henry, doesn't give up of some for mom and Grandma. In fact puts us just to get into the action. And it does so with a result disturbing. When Peter tries to snatch Henry his shadow there's a moment when the eyes of the latter is weird, almost amazed; I thought it meant the actual tearing of his shadow, but the intervention of Rumple with Pandora seems to fix the whole imprisoning Peter. Together the eyes of Henry there is shown also to Pan, that has the same expression, one detail that may seem irrelevant if, becomes explanatory opposite the final revelation: an Exchange. Peter Pan is now in the body of Henry and vice versa. This substantial rip off, that is always in favor of the villain, I find it particularly worrying for the inconvenience and difficulty which results in the victim, forced to prove their identity. I remember a double episode of Buffy (4×15-16) that the same thing had happened between the Slayer and Faith, where it was frustrating to see how even her boyfriend then realized that it wasn't the real Buffy. And now the same happens to Once Upon A Time with a further problem: the real Henry is trapped in Pandora's box, so it doesn't even have a chance to prove his true identity.

Neverland is desolate for the curse, all leaving satisfied the objectives achieved. But hopes to regain some’ of calm after the latest events will soon be cracked by games that Peter Pan will soon put in place. And if the eternal kid says "Let's play", I can't wait for someone to answer "Game over".



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