Once Upon A Time – 3×10 The New Neverland – by R.


Welcome back to Storybrooke. After nine episodes where the primary set was Neverland, the Jolly Rogers returns to Maine town hidden, where it all started. And where everything is likely to start again now that Peter Pan reveals his plan: Re-run the curse of the Evil Queen in order to transform Storybrooke into the new Neverland.

If last week the role of heroin has fallen to Regina – recognized as such by Snow in front of all the inhabitants of the city – now it's Emma Swan; and for once his absolute negativity is a godsend. And’ her to grasp the various clues leading to unmask Peter Pan and they aren't all that indecipherable. The eternal kid will also have spent many days with grandson, but did not understand nothing of his character. Don't have time to put your feet down from the ship that begins to insist that (the fake) Peter Pan is destroyed completely, taking issue with the fear that can still hurt. How scared, Henry would ever so why is too good and it is always the truest believer. But nobody sees anything odd, even Emma initially. D ’ agreement, We can find the excuse of post traumatic stress disorder, but his face amazed in front of the storybook is a huge clue: for Henry that book is full of meanings, don't forget for no reason. This attitude from terrified should raise the antennae of the doubt more than the fact that wants to stay with the Queen. This is not the first time that Henry decides to spend the night by the foster mother, is normal, is the only mom who had to 10 years. And in fact in front of the first doubts about Emma, others connect the whole thing to jealousy, that it may be, not a criticism that it can move; already in the second season had facilitated the maintenance of the relationship between the son and the Queen, Why would change his mind now that the Evil Queen has been central to his rescue? The flaws that Miss Swan revealed in various episodes – pessimism to suspicion, the stubbornness – prove critical to bring the truth to light. Everybody tries to distract her, inviting her to think a little’ to herself – especially to his loving ball – and the recent faith that has characterized threatens to let her leave his negativity right now that is useful. But the desire to eliminate immediately and definitively the threat to his son the door unwittingly unleash the real Henry, You can try without much trouble its identity, Recalling the time when he entered for the first time in connection with Emma: When he said he knew why she had abandoned "Because you wanted to give me my best chance". If at Neverland was the mother who raised him to save him, to Storybrooke is the biological, so going to restore a balance between the two moms: both are essential in the life of Henry. Too bad the truth emerges when Pan already has what he wants: the spell to cast the curse; but then Emma was Miss negativity for so long that it is normal that tend to don't listen when you suspect something. Now though it seems to be in the right mood for the world of fairy tales, where even when the situation is desperate enough to credirci to find a solution. Now that the memory of his identity is going to be cancelled, What a rip off!

In flashback we are shown that perhaps the downsides of Emma are not entirely foreign to parents, the mother at least. So much for his enduring optimism, Snow had subverted the honeymoon because she was obsessed by the threats of the Evil Queen, learning at the expense of Charming that sometimes you have to enjoy the moment, letting go of your worries to prevent meri dangers become actually worse. Not always, however,; and this time Emma is absolutely right. The issue Pan allows the latter to avoid again for a while’ the chosen suitor, Although Hook the help matters by being apart for the sake of Henry. A po’ as Damon at the time of the triangle with Elena and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries, He also excludes itself and is keen to maintain the reputation of bad guy, going to seek consolation in the arms of Tinker Bell, but at the time gave him a two of Spades. In the past between the two there is something?

Special mention to Ariel who finds finally its Eric, engaged in work as a fisherman. The joke about her "He must really hate me" makes sense, but the true love always wins.

The apparent serenity post return lasts the duration of a night, all those joys of reunion continued too long might get bored otherwise. If Peter Pan were to cast the curse I don't see how it could be stopped. Everyone will forget their identity and the time will stop so he and Felix can establish a new regime: in practice, Peter will take the role that once was a Queen. Unless all the characters suffer the flu: For example, even affection remained not Rumple the first time. The prospect is unsettling because it would make all vulnerable, but as we learned not only the true love (and the curse is full) is more powerful than anything, but there is always a way to break a curse. Who will have the honor/burden this time?



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