Once Upon A Time – 3×11 "Going Home" – by R.


The promise of a new curse haunting prospect, but nothing could prepare to what happened in the eleventh episode. A harrowing episode, where I could not hold back tears and tear where the scroll I hoped that something, Whatever happened because that wasn't the final. Two shock events, one stronger than the other.

I thought the death of Rumple was enough trauma for a single spin. The Dark One who sacrifices himself to free us from the presence of Peter Pan, all amplified by other characters viewers helpless due to a last spell of Pan. Rumple dies right now who had abandoned the way of the villain and had to retrieve the relationship with his son and really experience the story with Belle. These findings are more than sufficient to understand the tragedy of his departure. Rumple coward no longer ready to give back to those who love to save, but gives his life to ensure others the happy ending; because the villain the happy ending there can be. And here the tears began to appear; However his death is almost acceptable because it makes sense, is his redemption after a long life of bad choices, the perfect conclusion to the storyline of Peter Pan. The fact that you get a quarter of an hour from the end of the episode is highly suspicious, This is an event worthy of the final scene. Obviously this implies that before we have something even bigger, that was not long to be explained by the words of Queen. Good news: the curse of Pan you can stop. Bad news: unpack the original Queen's curse means delete Storybrooke, as if it had never been. If a season is the return in the Enchanted Forest was the desire of every inhabitant of the town of Maine, now it's a tragedy because it involves saying goodbye forever to Henry – because it is born in the real world – and Emma – as Savior created to break the curse. The Queen had desired and to get it had renounced the person he loved most, the father; and now to cancel it should repeat the sacrifice, that obviously relates to Henry; even you as a villain may not have the happy ending. Henry's response to this statement "You're not a villain, you're my mom "is gutted, a further boost to the tears that flow already. Emma is forced to say goodbye to his family right now that has really found, He accepted, including. And after all the trouble we had to endure his path to "I believe", I'd like to emphasize. Snow's optimism that tries to see a happy ending here too – "Happy endings aren't always what we think they will be" – It does not help, What kind of a happy ending is? To make matters worse the all – in addition to vision of farewells – memory loss that inevitably will hit mother and son, compensated by the gift of the Queen of new memories. As apreciate the "creation" of the moment in which Emma decides to keep the baby Henry, I find the idea of false memories a double-edged sword, Why will a major difficulty in make him remember their true identities when this is necessary. I was talking recently with co-author S., in Buffy were created false memories about the presence in the household of Dawn Summers, which had prevented to see it for what it actually was: a simple key in human form; a misjudgment of the false memories that resulted in the sacrifice of Buffy to save her. While Henry I trust that could easily return to believe into the world of fairy tales – after all remains the truest believer – Emma bother me much; It took him two years to truly understand and now we'll have to suffer again all the way between skepticism and complaints having regard to the final episode, With Hook, a year later, appears at the door of the apartment of New York Swan family looking for help. For now, even the kiss of true love works: The hook just seems a poor Lunk and she doesn't deny giving him a strong low blow. Even with a new life behind, It is always our Emma Swan.

Once Upon A Time a new phase begins; If the curse could be a risk of repetition, with this change the perspective changes; Emma is true have to believe, but the bases are different: should not much believe, How to remember, so hopefully it uses less. Congratulations to the authors who have managed to renew the series, keeping up the interest of the public. Now that the two villain Regina and Rumple are no longer much villain and the use of external enemies to Storybrooke is already exploited – first with Cora in connection with the Evil Queen, then with Pan tied to Dark One – the risk of falling into rewind effect or contradict the character development was incumbent, but they reinvented everything, giving new life to the show with a poignant twist. Move the scope in the Enchanted Forest also allows you to find characters with outstanding storyline for a while, as the happy ending by Regina, Robin Hood. No time to recover from the shock, We have to prepare ourselves for this new version of Once Upon A Time, where new villain already are waiting for us.



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