Once Upon A Time – 3×12 New York City Serenade – by R.


After the shock of last week, Once Upon A Time start again from where we had left: Emma and Henry in New York, a year later the forgotten events of the curse and the fairytale characters just ricapultati in the Enchanted Forest.

The most interesting aspect of the new life by NY of the family Swan is the different point of view with which look to the mother and son: the assumption is a life spent together since he was born, with a development of habits that actually we've never been. The jokes about games on the playstation, references to what Neal has done to Emma put the two in a different light. Themselves are different. Emma thinks seriously about getting married – Luckily he (Christopher Gorham) turns out to be a flying Monkey in the service of the new villain – and yet do the work with which we had known and keep that attitude dubious about future, seems more smiling, happier in his life. This is confirmed also to Hook after finding the memory thanks to the potion – fortunately there is this otherwise we would spend another year – his current life in New York may have been founded on lies, but it was "a really good dream". Even his attire emphasizes the change, with that red coat that does so much Miss; but as soon as regained her memory and realizes that we need to return to Storybrooke, Here he dusts off the closet the leather jacket with which we identify. On the other hand the beginning Henry appears as the young boy mature ever, concerned about the happiness of the mother and able to figure things out before you; but in him there is a difference not just, that could make it more complex than expected his recovery of memory: Emma's question "Do you believe in magic?"Henry replies with a joke, intimating that it is totally immersed in the real world. In the past had been given to him the book of Fables from Snow to bring out the truest believer, but disappeared after the undoing of the curse of Queen; just the encounter with his old family? Among other things the Henry of yore would have understood that the mother's boyfriend was not reliable, it instead fell into the trap before Emma.

The storyline in the Enchanted Forest makes us discover who is the new villain we're dealing. None other than the Wicked Witch of the West by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, portrayed by archeologist of Lost Rebecca Mader, almost unrecognizable all painted green – continues this kind of reunion Island actors with a capital "I". The Wicked Witch took possession of the castle of the Evil Queen to get revenge and its dangerousness is made clear from the start with the comments in awe of Aurora and Phillip, that they look good in the Snow alert&Co for fear of repercussions on the child who wait. The pair of Sleepy Beauty confirms rather vapid, especially the Prince, might as well make the man every now and then, instead of being always on the sidelines. To save Aurora had needed the help of Mulan, now barely helps her escape from clouds of magic – and is pregnant! – and is the first to worry about what the new villain could do. Where's the man who ventured among the thorns and killing a dragon? But getting back to the witch, the latter is revealed immediately very powerful, being able to launch again the curse of Queen and by returning so the fairytale characters to Storybrooke: the Wicked Witch is what a week ago seemed impossible, go back to the real world. Emma found parents – that at least they didn't lose the memory of their identity – stuck in Storybrooke, no memories of what happened in the last year, as if they had just said goodbye to her daughter. They know it is past the time just because Snow is pregnant, with a beautiful belly – Remember that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas they had their first child just a few weeks ago. Still no sign of Queen, for which it will be interesting to see how it will develop the relationship with the new Henry. Plus in the first period in the Enchanted Forest has just met her happy ending Robin Hood – But what happened to Mulan? – and the spark seems already shot.

Once Upon A Time resumes the structure of the first season, but with a new breath, not only for the new villain – which opens the hitherto unknown world of Oz scenarios – but mostly because the positions are reversed compared to the early. Emma and Henry's roles are reversed, While the fairytale characters knows exactly who I am, but they have no idea who is the architect of the curse and because he trapped again in the town of Maine. It is likely also a recovery of the narrative pattern of the first series, with a present to Storybrooke, committed to break the curse, and a past through flashbacks tell us about how you got to this situation – much better than some recent flashbacks that were reduced to a mere filler episode. And I hope that they would unveil the mystery behind a Hook; the pirate as far from the Enchanted Forest didn't suffer the curse, but who informed him and above all how did you get to New York?



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