Once Upon A Time – 3×13 Witch Hunt – by R.


After an episode to give time to Emma finally reclaims memory and return to Storybrooke, the new phase of Once Upon A Time begins to emerge more clearly with the framing of the new villain.

What was sensed in the last episode, is reflected in the flashback of the Evil Queen and first met the Wicked Witch: Zelena is the half-sister of Queen Mother's side, abandoned at birth by Cora; Hence the reason that moves it is essentially staff. Locate yet another bad relative after Cora and Peter Pan is a bit’ risky, at the risk of repeating the dynamics already views. However there are differences that could act as novelty enough to scongiuare the déjà vu effect – in addition to those already mentioned in the previous post. First Zelena comes from the magical land of Oz, which makes it possible to visit another magical reality, with the introduction of new scenarios and characters – and you never know we will see also the famous tornado from which The Wonderful Wizard of Oz kicks off. Secondly the blood tie between the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch is Yes at the base of the thirst for revenge of the latter, but not so much for mother itself – which, as reassures her Queen "You were lucky to escape her" – but because her younger sister had every opportunity to become the great Evil Queen which is thanks to Cora and especially in Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One was also master of Zelena, but in the end he expressed preference for Queen – by choosing it to throw that curse that would allow him to regain his son. Zelena grew up alone, It is made with his hands, She became the Wicked Witch without any support and now wants his eternal and so far unaware rival suffer losing everything he has, because her life was too easy. Evidently Zelena is not that impressive as has been informed of the existence of the stepsister. The most important link between the two is not represented by Cora, but by Rumple, whose role we have learned to be paramount in all recourse to magic. And the Wicked Witch has already “recovered”: the Dark One is his prisoner, perfectly alive, Although apparently mentally unstable. Rumple we had said goodbye already redeemed, but its current madness suggests that in any back and forth between the two witches won't be so obvious to do the right choice.

Proceeds in small steps instead of the path to happy ending by Regina; Despite the clues we are all – we would have figured it out without the help of Tinkerbell – the only ones who still don't understand to be the fate of the other are the two protagonists.

I am sorry to have to point out one exit soon happy to Emma, but after what happened in the last few episodes I didn't think could even consider such an alternative. Already last week when he remembered his true life didn't seem too keen; I'm not saying I jump for joy, but a hint of a smile wouldn't hurt. You could not tell the difference between his expression almost resigned to a bitter reality and happy to Hook as soon as she magazine. D ’ agreement, the situation is not the best, though he just found his parents, the same people who didn't want to leave when the new curse was coming. All the more reason you should be glad after you found out he was marrying a flying Monkey! E invece, speaking with the Queen of as Henry had a good life in New York, comes out with "I almost didn't come back because of that"! Thank you Emma for giving us this favor! How could he continue to live that lovely lie knowing that his were in danger? All heroes have flaws, but her after 3 seasons beating anyone! The improvement shown after escaping from Neverland has vanished almost entirely, giving way to the usual attitude of despondency not could go quiet on the hunt for faithless. Emma you are the Savior, suck it up! At least Snow is pregnant, Maybe your brother will take away a part of this huge burden!

Being trapped again in the curse with characters who disappear suddenly makes all, even Granny, very nervous and unable to notice details that could prove critical to understand who is the mastermind behind the curse. But Zelena is fast, Smart and is hiring an army of flying monkeys that would turn pale the Hybrids of Klaus The Vampire Diaries. Among his minions there is also a mysterious subject, covered by a hood; you didn't think to Neal? No one has any idea where he is and it would be logical to use for possible blackmail on the father. Also the Wicked Witch appears interested in the son of Snow and Charming, After all, it is always the result of true love; as mentioned before if Emma is the Savior, This child could have an equally important role. However the opposition more, which I think will give us the scenes and best lines remains Queen-Zelena, two sisters in different appearance, but they might have more in common than you think. You have already chosen your favorite?



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