Once Upon A Time – 3×14 The Tower – by R.


Fear is the leitmotif of this episode, available in a variety of meanings ranging from classic fear of fairy tales (the evil witch) the most common that can affect anyone of us when we are faced with major changes (fear of ourselves). To guide us in this location is Charming, the protagonist is the storyline in the Enchanted Forest in Storybrooke.

The Prince of Once Upon A Time sets aside the courage and confidence in the happy ending that has always distinguished him in front of the fear for the impending birth of his son. A fear that he had tried in the past when Snow was pregnant with Emma: so despite the threat of the Evil Queen was him to encourage his wife to have faith, not to knock down. But the loss twice of the firstborn and the impossibility to have them done by father insinuate doubt may not be able, that once again his paternal role is doomed to failure. The nightmare of the beginning episode is a symptom of his fear, but at the same time might be a kind of warning. Charming dreams of what should have been his relationship with Emma, a young Princess anxious about her first ball that asks her father to teach her to dance; a moment between father and daughter sweet and melancholy because we've never been and never will be: as far as relations with Emma have improved, nothing can give him back what they have lost. But the good dream is ruined by the words of the young "You failed me. Don't fail the next one ". If on the one hand, this phrase refers to the remorse of David, not to mention that Emma has never spared in doing weigh parents his orphan, the second part can be more than just a fear that history will repeat. Zelena attention towards pregnancy of Snow, that I keep repeating that there is nothing to worry about they leave no doubt that David and Mary Margaret should not be anxious because again it will be able to take care of their son. The one sought by the Wicked Witch is not yet well understood, This was revealed by so cryptic to Rumple "What I'm after, Rumple, is something you've spent a lifetime seeking, something that goes against your very nature, something that I can't afford to wait that long for "; Rumple sought for years the son Bae, It is also resorted to the curse of Queen to find him, Zelena will take a son? Take the Snow and Charming child? Or search the true love, that sponsorship of the happy ending that Emma, Queen and Rumple have shown they can be represented by several people who are part of our lives? Do not help to solve the mystery even those words that the Wicked Witch for father, a man addicted to alcohol or worse that cared a lot to keep up appearances; who knows what relationship will ever have had with a green-skinned daughter, a visible sign of What was rotting inside ": at least has already reached a goal, the real world gives you the opportunity to look your best, Dad would be pleased. The history of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I admit that I only know the basics, so it may be that the clues on his plan to be clearer about what seems to me. Zelena exploiting fear of David has "stolen" the courage, the cowardly Lion of Oz that reminds me of the, that the wizard really wanted to get the gift of courage. If this were the line followed the would lack a brain (desired by the Scarecrow) and a heart (wanted by the Tin man), We'll see if in future episodes will proceed accordingly. At the moment however I arise questions about how he launched the curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke: We know that "Magic has a price" and Queen for her curse had had to give to the person he loved most in the world, the father. Someone will have to sacrifice even Zelena?

Nell'Enchanted Forest Charming had already understood what it meant having to face their fears, opening our eyes to a Rapunzel completely different from what we were used to seeing. And I don't mean the hair or skin color, but just to the history, that is completely turned upside down, deleting even the Prince who would rescue her from the Tower. Even the function of his long hair is changed: does not allow the Prince to join her on top, but it is simply the result of long imprisonment, in practice has got to get his hair cut! Honestly, I find it a sobering reassessment and excessive. The only thing that I didn't like was the darker atmosphere than usual, with the phony witch – that really symbolizes the fear of themselves – rather dark, that reminded me of the fake monsters of The Village.

Moment of sheer romance for Hook and Emma, with the limit you on the year by Captain before NY – on which I have several questions – They seem to hide a certain jealousy; and he that ricodarle his love interest, always with jokes – "If your heart can be broken, It means it still works " – that would dissolve any normal woman, But Emma we know all its own. The couple, that with the current lack of Neal seems the most possible candidate for the future, find the farm with a storm cellar of Wicked Witch, but arrives too late: Rumplestiltskin is no longer in the cage, who rescued him? Zelena was engaged to Mary Margaret, should not have been able to notice the presence of Hook and Emma; It is the mystery man of the week, Maybe Neal?

Now that they've discovered the farm, If Zelena has no hiding place safer, Locate the alter ego of the curse of the witch should not be difficult. But we are talking about the Wicked Witch, they will certainly steal so easily. Her character proved to be shrewd and subtly provocateur: in his speeches with Snow was able to tell a lot about himself and his plan, without compromise or arouse the slightest doubt. And that with the dagger of Dark One manages to shave the beard of Rumple can only be a genius of his field, with that bit of madness that elevates it above each opponent.



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