Once Upon A Time – 3×15 Quiet Minds – by R.


"All magic comes with a price", a rule simple and basic that we learned from the pilot of this show. The only people who seem to not remember her ever – or pretend that it is not relevant, hoping for an exception – are the stars, ranging so meet tragic twists of fate. The death of one of the main characters was a spoiler that had been confirmed by the same creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, placing ourselves inevitably in a severe climate for the fate of our favorite. Until now the fatal outcome had covered only minor characters/villain (We remember the handsome Hunter, Cora and Peter Pan), not provocandoci severe trauma – up to a point, I had a hard time saying goodbye to Sheriff Jamie Dornan – with the big exception of Rumple, which, however, has recently been "cancelled". And the latter connects current loss, in a spirit of repentance and redemption reminiscent in part that of the episode shock 3×11.

We knew that Belle and Neal were looking for a way to bring back to life the Dark One and his being a prisoner of Zelena had led me to think that in fact the Act itself had been accomplished by the witch. The truth of the matter is not far: the storyline of the Enchanted Forest we find that Zelena has them "oriented" – with the help of the candelabrum Lumière – for you to reach that goal that all three shared, but he couldn't accomplish for yourself why "Magic has a price". And if we think that the Dark One is a little’ the symbol of black magic, It is clear that the price to pay to get it back among the living is as dark. How Beautiful is intelligent and insightful, It takes up the top to reflect on the consequences of the Act and does so only because it takes a mistake to Lumière. For his part, Neal does not think minimally, hoping for a loophole in the rule: the need to have father blinds every judgement. Rumple's resurrection has a larger meaning than it has for Belle: She would like to have her beloved, but for Baelfire represents the need to make amends and to involve both finally son from father (the Dark One could get him back in the real world). When Rumple was sacrificed for the sake of the people of Storybrooke and Queen reversed its curse, BAE has lost everything in a matter of minutes: a second chance with her father and second chances with Emma and Henry. Neal had said goodbye to his father 300 years before and once finding each other had rejected, in the belief that selfish and cowardly man from where he wanted to dismiss was still there. About 11 years ago had been forced to leave Emma, to switch to a bastard to ensure she could fulfill your destiny; and after meeting with the woman and the discovery of fatherhood was Peter Pan prevent the happy ending. Neal has never really had a chance to make amends for his absence in the lives of the most important people in his life, has never been able to make up for lost time – scarcely remember the moments spent with Henry. Return to Neverland was the occasion that it was – Hook also highlighted by the decision to step aside for the sake of Henry – but suddenly vanishes. In episode 3×11 his figure remains aloof, topical in the last moments he bounced back only for a few seconds, leaving almost no space for Hook, When he's the one who comes out worse than all, having to say goodbye to every possible happy ending just when it is just a step away. And after the jump in time is almost gone, as if to underline even with images the loneliness in which fell, the enormity of his loss. So as far as the Enchanted Forest look like a stupid Blockhead who doesn't see what he has in front of her eyes and acts the same way selfish that placed blame on to Rumple – tell well Nice reminding him that he was the reason behind the curse – his attitude is understandable, that "I can't waste any more time. I need to get back. To hell with the cost "is a clear sign of his guilt as a son and as a father. Unfortunately for him there are loopholes that could save and the price tag is obviously of the same value as obtained, "A life for a life"; but above all this time her father can not do anything to save it, If not "host it" within themselves. The reason for the unstable mental state of Rumple is that in his mind there is also the son and in fact in this episode, He sees the reappearance of Neal in Storybrooke, you notice that when you see Gold, There is no Bae and vice versa; what you may find in the forest scene. Human sacrifice is essential, two minds in the same body cannot stand (the price of magic you pay no possible loophole) and until now the only one who can be useful to defeat the Wicked Witch – and I know its identity – is Rumple; Neal asks Emma to separate them, condemning himself to certain death: as Gold a few episodes ago he sacrifices himself to save those he loves. Neal dies in the arms of the father, saying goodbye to that’ "I love you", Pope "who waited too long to pronounce and that encompasses everything I try.


The man during the episode closes all outstanding issues, starting with the relationship with Hook, a parent-child relationship almost then incrinatasi, but that is always founded on mutual respect. That embrace between the two in retrospect can appear as a clue to the identity of the character with destiny now marked. And let us not forget that with the death of Neal closes the love triangle.

The final scene of Bae's rightly with the father, but the farewell with Emma is equally affected, both the history between the two (the reference to Tallahassee as a symbol of their longed-for happy ending) both the mention of Henry, I would like to remember him as a good father. Emma satisfied, but I can't help but dislike the way it does. Henry at the time knows nothing about Neal, except that it is the bastard who abandoned his mother in prison and what time he died a hero; that is how it should remember him as a good man? Emma seems determined to retrieve her son the memory because in NY was happy. We understand that peaceful living among friends, video games and bagels, but it was all based on a lie! As much as you tell it to to protect it I cannot seize a selfish attitude, almost to ensure the return to life in the last year; also why Henry wouldn't like this and you know it. What's more is unfair not to allow him to remember his father, even more so now that he's dead: reclaim the memory is for him the only way to know the man who won't ever see. And in General will not make decisions for others based on their supposed right, the freedom to choose belongs only to data subjects. This Emma tied to the past at times is even worse than the one who did not want to believe!

While Queen to Storybrooke turns out that Robin Hood is the happy ending pronosticatole by Tinker Bell, the true identity of Zelena is unveiled – in front of a startled Snow, that this pregnancy seems to have excised every neuron. But the Wicked Witch isn't at all worried: She has control of the Dark One, and then his brain (along with the courage to Charming, which means it would lack only the heart) and delivery of Snow approaches. Zelena seems just a step away from his goal and if not Rumple has yet figured out what it is, the future looks somewhat cumbersome.



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