Once Upon A Time – 3×16 It's Not Easy Being Green – by R.


From the title of this episode "It's Not Easy Being Green" is easy to guess that the protagonist is the fun Zelena, that between the past and the present reveals how green became the Wicked Witch and what his mysterious plan. The fact that is guiding her jealousy for a sister who has had everything was clear from the start, but now we are witnessing the birth of this feeling and its development in a short time. After his true identity was discovered, Zelena is presented to the inhabitants of the curse with a new look: Goodbye to clothing morigerati midwife caring, in favor of a flashy outfit, sensual and a stronger power women makeup. And’ so facing the half-sister and explains the bond that unites them. Two fundamental differences between Zelena and Queen; on the one hand, the first could not allow the mother Cora to realize her dream, joining the Royal family (fate that forced Queen), But why? From small apparently had a baby like any other; Maybe its borderline depended just on the other diversity with sister, namely that Regina hadn't naturally developed the talent of magic (We know that it was Rumple to help towards this road). Discover that the half-sister not only grew up with his family of origin, but mostly I was receiving the "magical arts education" from Rumplestiltskin that she never had and which would be able to control that gift for which his father had always scolded, underlying the growth of his wickedness: is that envy from which the wizard of Oz had warned that made green. The short period of his life is the most beautiful one with Rumple, finding finally someone who appreciates the way it is. But the way it is grown, with a father who blamed his alcoholism, in a world where his natural tendency to magic was frustrated and I find out later that that was not to be his life have made it brittle, fearful of losing what he has managed to bounce back. This latent envy makes it unmanageable, dangerous, nearly killing Queen. There are moments when her gaze and her sudden giggles that in a moment become menacing tone seem to reveal a mind a tad disturbed, suggesting that his is not mere perfidy, but something deeper and consequently more dangerous because uncontrollable. If it had been a cold viciousness to lead it would never fall into the trap of Rumple. Even his plan reveals that his goal is not simply revenge, But having that life that was up from birth, that life which took her sister: the growth in family to be chosen by the Dark One to cast the curse. This explanation puts Zelena in a different light, allowing you to understand the reasons and emotions that move.

The Wicked Witch is to step back in time, at the time of his birth so that Cora not abandon "What I'm casting isn't a curse. It's a second chance ". An ambitious goal – all define it impossible – but that you are now one step away from realizing: have the courage of David, Rumple's brain, but she misses the heart, I would like to snatch his half-sister. If the true love is the antidote to every curse, the heart seems to be the key ingredient and Queen perhaps is the one that knows more than everyone in that regard – the crypt where he kept the various hearts which had been "appropriate" is the proof. And this is confirmed once again by not bringing his confrontation with Zelena. Now his heart is literally in the hands of Robin Hood, his happy ending that will keep you safe. In this episode the Evil Queen takes a big step forward toward the most famous thief of Sherwood recognizing – through the words of Zelena – what Tinker Bell had always scolded: don't appreciate what has before. I like very much the relationship between Robin and Regina played on alternating digs and civilities, perfectly agree with what happened when they first met in the Enchanted Forest, as if to emphasize the inevitability of their history. The letting Queen to recognize for his happy ending pronosticatole in the storyline of the curse is another good feature because it allows the Evil Queen to continue in that way to the neglect of the role by villain who had found a decisive boost in goodbye to Henry and was likely to go astray after realizing its loss: know what meaning can have for her Robin Hood is a hope of happiness you can get despite the loss of son, before the only one able to move it from its positions. His openness to that happy ending that long ago had turned down give his heart becomes concrete in concrete – "You're really going to entrust something so valuable to a common thief like me?"" You can't steal something that's been given to you " – a metaphor for something much deeper – and terribly romantic moment.

While Emma still not convinced to tell the truth to Henry, that in this climate of secrets and lies is at high risk of developing a psychological disorder more severe than that of Zelena, the latter plan is going to be shocking: If you succeed in doing, everything will change, Regina will never be born and consequently the story of Snow White would be in disarray. Although she misses you still my heart – and the fact that Queen knows she needs is a disadvantage – she doesn't seem worried, proving even with this being his bluster with that madness that can result either in genius into madness. Zelena is the one who has unmasked the wizard of Oz – and reduced it to a flying Monkey – and the most powerful witch in the world according to the Dark One, thus proving that if there is someone who can succeed in the impossible is just her; and then he's a genius or a fool?



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