Once Upon A Time – 3×17 The Jolly Roger – by R.

The title "The Jolly Roger" makes it clear that the episode revolves around Hook, Perhaps the most mysterious character since the curse of Zelena was launched. Unlike everyone else in fact, Killian (the real name of Captain) remember perfectly what happened in the last year, not having been struck by magic spell. I must say that this position makes me curious and I cannot explain how other actors don't see it the same way: He is the only one who can provide real clues, but is "satisfied" in his desire not to talk of recent times, else highly suspect. Nature by an investigator of Emma is a little’ more insistent in this regard, but not as much as you might expect from you. But in the end nodes are always to comb and also the mystery of Hook is revealed. After returning in the Enchanted Forest as Neal, pure for him loss of Emma, He romantically declared his love, is a void difficult to bear and tries to fill it by retrieving his other great love, the Jolly Roger. Suffering a broken heart is so strong that he is willing to let the Prince Eric (kidnapped by the one who has the ship, the famous pirate Black Beard) just to have you back: that ship is the Captain Hook that was before meeting with Emma, that man thirsts for revenge, feared throughout the, We met as an ally of Cora. Choose the Jolly Roger instead of Eric is the way to go back to being the captain and abandon the hero with a soft heart that has become – like the underline Ariel and Black Beard – Once schieratosi with Emma&Co., Why be that hero has earned only a broken heart. This is the big dark secret that hides Killian, the responsibility for the (almost certain) death of Prince Eric; but the captain no longer exists, However much you love has changed for Emma Hook efforts and indeed deeply ashamed of what he has done. But perhaps that's not entirely true that Hook is changed, Perhaps the discovery of the true love he simply did emerge that side of him that already had glimpsed in various flashbacks and who had suffocated after loss to Milah. And the relationship with the woman (We remember the wife of Rumple), the almost paternal relationship with Bae and bonding with his brother had shown that Captain Hook was not the villain who had known the story of Peter Pan. Once Upon A Time he totally reinvented the character in appearance (no longer the middle-aged man slicked and with wig) both in character, presenting a Hook where man prevails over pirate. Miss Emma has the same effect of Milah, except that there is no chance of revenge that can fill its empty. But now Emma is back and reappeared hope, so much so that the encounter with Ariel takes him to confess the truth about what happened in the last year, vowing his repentance on love for Emma. Too bad that "I swear on Emma Swan" is the phrase that Zelena (under the false guise of Ariel, that actually is living his happily ever after with Eric after finding him on his own) wait to curse her mouth: If Hook will kiss Emma, She will lose all power. The Wicked Witch for some mysterious reason cannot kill woman, but he needs to deprive it of its magic. Hook ends up being the victim of his love and right now that Miss Swan begins to look with new eyes, He can't bring it. This situation reminds me of partly Angel and Buffy, with the vampire who couldn't let go for a moment of happiness with his beloved, or risk losing the soul and part of the "Kiss" between Fantaghirò and Tarabas, When the sorcerer could not kiss her because it would turn into a beast he'd torn. Hook is forced to experience the same torment; You may sacrifice themselves and move away from Emma, but in that case Zelena threatens to hurt the people you love.

The Wicked Witch has a perfect timing, managing to damn the kiss of Killian right now that Emma is proving to be a great student of Regina in the magical arts. His being The Savior gives her a huge potential, you are likely to waste for its fixing to settle l'affaire Zelena and return with his son to NY. What needs to happen because he understands that he can't bask forever on a false memory? And then how do you leave someone like Hook?

Very funny scenes give grandparents Snow and Charming, what a, offended because his nephew doesn't find them funny enough, decide to start driving. Like all, a first look a little’ Curt. But then his grandfather is more accustomed to horses to cars! I was expecting something more instead on her manual skills: possible that I can't add the pieces of a crib?

The focus on Hook gives us an episode of transition, allowing Emma to practice magic, in view of the upcoming clash with the Wicked Witch, whose storyline is made almost entirely from. Though I welcome the discovery of why Hook was so reluctant to talk about his past, I have another crucial question, How did he go back to the real world if it did not remain affected by the spell of Zelena?



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