Once Upon A Time – 3×18 Bleeding Through – by R.


Rose McGowan returns as a Guest Star to play the young mother of Queen and Zelena. Although his character has been concretely present in different seasons for only a few episodes, Cora was the backdrop to the entire series, being at the origin of the different storyline which led to rivalry between Snow and the Evil Queen before and between the latter and the Wicked Witch now; not forgetting his relationship with Rumplestiltskin.

After this episode, Cora may perhaps be considered, like the unforgettable Peter Pan, the only pure villain Once Upon A Time, because otherwise the protagonists as his daughters and Rumple have shown that beyond the apparent malice there is more. Actually if we extend the analysis to the good of the show we can see that they themselves are not as clean as you would expect. The series proves that there is no clear dividing line between good and bad, but everyone can be now one now another depending on the circumstances they face. This concept was already mentioned last season with Snow, that killing Cora had actually turned into a killer, an idea unthinkable to the original fairy tale: After that fact had entered a phase of depression because he could not forgive, to accept that a part of her heart had become obscure. But even before the same reason Queen began to hate it – the spyin with her mother – was symptomatic both of not absolute innocence of small Snow both mind and not totally Evil Queen. Opposite reason that Cora had abandoned Zelena – Princess Eva, mother of Snow, He said to Prince Leopold of her pregnancy – we see that Snow's mother was not without blemish as we thought, It was a different girl from the mother who loved and admired Snow. Perhaps out of jealousy, ambition or love for the Prince had put Cora at the door "The Miller's daughter is a worthless liar" destroying the dream of royalty of the young. "I thought our family were the good guys," said Emma before the "past sins" mom and Grandma, but the words of Queen clarify everything well, "Life is too messy for it to ever be that simple": even the most pure – White as snow – can make mistakes in certain situations. In this context, though Cora is an exception; in every gesture has always been motivated by single ambition, the desire to become a Lady or better still the Queen, leaving the role of Miller's daughter. When abandons Zelena does so only for itself "to give me my best chance", not for a better future to the little girl; the exact opposite of what has been done by Snow and Charming with Emma, as well as, differently, from Queen to Henry. To achieve the highest levels of society of the Enchanted Forest, Cora was willing to give up everything, also to love: In episode 2×16 The Miller's Daughter We had found that to avoid obstacles along the way had torn his heart – which made it weak to love for the Dark One. In her so there is that hope of "redemption" which allowed Queen and Rumple to sacrifice himself for the good of others, proving conclusively that the villain can be something else. Among other things we should not forget that the Queen has now been deprived of heart to prevent his sister getting it, but that doesn't make it different from recent times: the Evil Queen "feels things deeply" as he tells her "You feel things with your whole soul". So you can not reduce the nastiness of Cora simply looking – heart – no literal. Especially now that the Queen is in the hands of Zelena and she, influenced by the words of Snow and by criticisms of his sister – "You still turn your back on every opportunity for happiness" – decided to give themselves a chance, try the way to happiness: runs from Robin Hood and kiss me. Finalmente! The true love always finds the way, even in the absence of a heart.


The discourse on the not being 100 percent villain also applies to Zelena, whose desire for revenge, as we have seen two episodes ago, It is animated by suffering for the life you had no: going back in time the woman may kill the mother of Snow, allowing that Cora married Prince Leopold and don't leave. The envy of the Wicked Witch comes from the need of love that never found satisfaction nor with his alcoholic father or Rumple who turned their backs to his character unmanageable. Zelena has a deep feeling for the Dark One and the deceitful attempt of seduction he put in place to steal the dagger is yet another slap to her need to be loved. One thing he has in common with the stepsister: all the bad things done by Regina were the result of the loss of his great love; but once launched the curse, the Evil Queen she found herself alone and then still unsatisfied: only a mother's love for Henry gave her a new happiness. True love is always. If even Zelena had his intent is not said that the result is as hoped: Cora is unlikely to be the loving mother that she would like and even Rumple may be different. And then we are so confident that destiny on the lives of the other characters would not anyway the way of realization?

In comparison with the Wicked Witch, Rumple discovers he has an opportunity to go back in time and prevent Bae to leave in the real world. His condescension toward the woman immediately arouses doubts because it would mean deleting everything he did in the last season to become the man that her son has always wanted; Neal also sacrificed himself so that his father and the others could defeat Zelena, ally with her would be a betrayal. The Dark One is aware of this, and despite the strong desire to have my son, puts aside his feelings to respect his memory. The control exercised by the witch should not be affecting the evolution that has met: even the Dark One can have a good.

In this episode we got to reflect on the complexity of the characters that the classic fairy tales we were presented as either good or bad, or whites or blacks: in Once Upon A Time assume a characterization closer to reality because in all of us there's this dark side that can win or flounder depending on your experiences and situations addressed. In this way the traditional villains can be understood and loved by the audience. With the exception of Cora, that the more I see and the more I can't stand; However, a silver lining has also: without his arrival last season, we would never have known Hook!



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