Once Upon A Time – 3×19 A Curious Thing – by R.


An episode full of events and revelations, giving a decisive boost to a series of episodes where we were offered little bits of truth at a time. In forty minutes there are answers to all the questions that we (and the same characters) We set out from the beginning of this second curse, starting with who really launched.

Unveiled the plan of Zelena you can actually understand that she had no interest in coming to Storybrooke, all the ingredients it needs were in full readiness in the Enchanted Forest. But even noticing this detail suggests that behind the curse there are Snow and Charming is not immediate: This is Emma to her life and especially to wrest to use dark magic. But the Wicked Witch threatens baby Charming and according to Glinda, the Good Witch of the South – which to me looks so awesome in Tinker Bell – the only way to defeat it is the power of light magic created by love; and who better than the daughter of true love? And’ an unexpected reversal of perspective, that puts it in a different light this second half of season. Actually you are not reflected even a moment over whether there was Zelena behind the return to Storybrooke; the fact that the curse had been launched by the villain on duty was granted, especially considering the key ingredient of spell: the heart of the one you love more. Obviously it's Charming that you sacrifice, putting in alarm as to why was still alive and fearing that at the same time that the curse had been broken would have fallen to the ground like Neal a few weeks ago. Something dramatic and unacceptable. The scene where Snow plays havoc with the heart of his beloved without ever taking his eyes from his is tragically romantic, their story is a continual sacrifice without ever experiencing a brief period of serenity. But that phrase of Charming "We have always shared one heart" teases the innate optimism of you who decides to translate it into reality: Now David and Mary Margaret living with half a heart each, because her heart is strong enough for both of us; the pair of true love leads to another level those chains with as a pendant half a heart, one for both partners. After their examples every proof of love will never be enough!

Manages to maintain a high level of excitement of the episode also reclaiming the memory of Henry, that just one look at her storybook to remember everything. That book, whose disappearance at the end of the episode 3×11 It was more poignant than that of the whole Curse because it represented the origin of everything, reappears because Henry needs him to return to believe – right now that the obvious mother's lies are becoming intolerable – and that with his kiss Emma break the curse again. Due to the intervention of Zelena – that for a moment makes me seriously worry about the fate of Henry – the kiss doesn't come from the biological mother, but from that of adoptive parents, that breaks herself that curse which once had launched; that "Mom" turned to Queen makes it all the more inexplicable Emma's obstructionism, you don't seem to understand that the woman is the mother of Henry as herself. I enjoyed the entire building now, the necessity of the book, to the immediacy with which Henry remembers, the role of Queen: a kind of throwback, but in respect of what happened in the last two years.


During the search of the book there is an exchange of banter between Snow and Emma laying more seriously the issue of the decision of the second to go back to NY. The mother seems to "accuse" by pretending not to see the book for Henry remained in the dark – thing that I must admit I thought too. Snow tries to make her realize how much should be obvious: his life in NY as Nice was based on a lie, a blatant lie just because they had more memory. Doesn't seem like a concept as complex, He thinks he can erase the reality and go quiet walking in Central Park?

Hook has his share of action when trying to dismiss Henry from the curse for Zelena don't hurt him. A gesture that any normal person should appreciate, but that elicits the opposite effect in Emma when she discovers the spell on his lips, because he sees that attempt to protect her only as a deception. And the situation degenerates when his parents claim they were not their felt Killian of the need to bring back Emma to Storybrooke. Poveretto, good deeds do nothing but move it away from his true love – When Zelena has cursed her lips did not reckon with the stubbornness of Emma! Fortunately, however, at least to us is the mystery: to send that message was Neal, in a few minutes in which the father managed to dominate the mind. BAE actually had mentioned something to Hook, but it wasn't clear enough. Now it remains only the question on how Killian was able to return to the real world, I hope we'll know before the end of the season.

The second curse was so positive purpose to find the only person capable of defeating Zelena, but the latter has tangled things by modifying it to lose to the memory, so then they forget their enemy both as defeat. In three episodes from the end the picture is now clear, We know what is the plan of the Wicked Witch and how is the only way to beat. So far Zelena has been able to anticipate every move, He heavily defeated on several occasions the half-sister and his brilliant madness doesn't think minimally the possibility of defeat. Going to make it? The answer is next since Snow started labor.


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