Once Upon A Time – 3×20 Kansas – by R.


With the onset of labor of Snow it is inevitable that you reach the showdown with Zelena, in a final battle that sees rightly contrasted the two sisters. According to the setting of the earlier episodes seemed now that confrontation occurs between the Wicked Witch, the most powerful witch on dark magic, and Emma, bringer of light magic as the fruit of true love; but this idea did not end I like you: It all began with envy of Zelena for Queen, What on earth does Emma?! The two sisters have a different story in the facts, but similar emotions, both forced to a life different from the one they wanted to blame the mother's ambition: as pointed out commenting on the episode 3×18, both Queen Zelena seek from always love them as they are, but this one way or another he was prevented. The first great love of Queen was killed by Cora and from there led to a trail of mean things to fill the void of his heart. Zelena has always been rejected, even when he seemed to have found a new home in the coven of witches led by Glinda, He then had to witness the arrival of Dorothy, as far as unconsciously, He was clearly threatening his place. The only difference between the two is that in the life of Queen arrived Henry, that has made inroads with his innocence in his heart, making it gradually becoming less obscure. Thanks to him, the Evil Queen has rediscovered the true nature of true love, realizing that sometimes requires sacrifices for the good of those you love. And now that in addition to the true love of the son found also to Robin Hood – together are adorable – even the absence of the heart prevents her abandon the role of villain for the heroine, discovering that she is the power of that light magic can counter the sister, that same light magic that allowed her to break the curse by kissing Henry. And the ultimate test of the new nature of Queen arrives with the woman's decision to give the sister defeat a second chance, Recognizing "Not long ago, "I was a lot like you", "If I were you, I'd consider creating a new destiny "; This is the main theme of the episode, change the past serves no purpose if we are not the first to change, eventually our fate will always be the one; But if we decide to change, then our future will benefit. Once Upon A Time reminds us that we ourselves are the only masters of our destiny: complain, retaliate or dream about changing the past is useless unless we are the first to take another road. And as Glinda had reminded Zelena is never too late to give a new direction to their lives. Regina succeeded and hoped that sister can do the same, inspired by his act of kindness.


The Evil Queen has slowly abandoned its role by poor, giving the first clear instance in episode 3×11, where even Rumple has shown that it can be more of a pure villain. But while the path of heroin of Regina continues, the Dark One meets an insurmountable obstacle. The promise made to Belle not to kill Zelena collides with one made to his son avenge his death; and between her love for the young and for Bae seems to prevail the second: Rumple cannot gloss over the fact that Zelena is the cause of the death of son, so kill the helpless woman. But not before having cheated Belle, into believing that he entrusted his dagger, When in fact it is a fake. Deception to the beloved is definitely to blame, especially if that knife is intended as an engagement ring, given that accompanies the marriage proposal. But criticize it for revenge, After everything he's been through with his son I find it a little’ hard; Belle will otherwise soon finds out the truth and I'm afraid if Rumple will lose his beloved, the road to becoming a hero will be totally abandoned. Maybe make the Dark One one of the good guys in those times of Queen would risk trivializing the development of related characters, making it look too simplistic their evolution; After he had sacrificed dying with Peter Pan we thought there'd be more due to worry about a return of the old Dark One, but now we see a her first step back that could give rise to complex evaluations of others and equally intricate developments. Especially if we consider that after being stabbed on green smoke of Zelena makes comeback in the gem source of his power (I wonder why they haven't just destroyed), the witch will be still alive?

Space to Emma that Hook to save from death kisses him losing his powers; scene that reminded me of when, in the fourth chapter, Fantaghirò kissed Tarabas, making it again the monster that he wanted his father Darken. The Savior is sacrificing the then only hope to defeat Zelena and defend his family for that man who continues to reject and mistreat (the phrase to the witch "why don't you try enchanting the lips of someone I'll actually kiss?"it's a free nastiness). And’ as if Emma continued to fully accept her true nature, because if it did it should abandon the idea of return to the "good life" from NY; that year lived in the lie has partly erased the confidence he had gained at Neverland. But Henry now remembers and holiday apartment to Storybrooke because that is their home, for him there is no need to think about it: Home is where your heart and Emma to admit it or not his heart belongs to the world of fairy tales, not the Big Apple. "I'm his mother, "I know what's best for him", those fake memories they getting punchy: Henry grew up with Queen, She is his mother and maybe you know him even better! How do you think that kid just want chocolate milk and cereal?! We're not talking about Howard Wolowitz! Killian's right, wants to go to NY just because he knows he has the curse might have her happy ending and as usual it was scared, you never know who is again abandoned!

The episode closes with the doubt about the future of Zelena, but just before there is time to breathe a serenity longed, Charming family all gathered around the newcomer. Hook is with them, but his expression betrays the sadness for a farewell that now seems near: Emma again confirms his intention to return to NY, erasing in a few words the hope aroused by saving him. If neither the fear of losing him made you change your mind, What should happen?


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