Once Upon A Time 4 – Facciamo il Punto – by R.


Questo post fa riferimento agli avvenimenti occorsi negli episodi 4, 5, 6 and 7 della quarta stagione.

Doubts about the choice to insert the characters Frozen in the new season of Once Upon A Time were swept away now that we have a clear storyline featuring. As noted in the previous post, non si tratta di infilare una storyline a parte, che avrebbe potuto svolgersi anche al di là di Storybrooke, ma di una storia più ampia che coinvolge il passato di Emma e mette a rischio l’appena ritrovata serenità con la famiglia Charming. And it is precisely the family once again at the center of it all: See also more or less proved's the source of all trouble for Storybrooke characters, citing a famous movie by Monicelli you could say Parenti Serpenti. The Snow Queen/Ingrid not only is the aunt of ELSA and Anna, but it was also the foster Emma during a year of his adolescence, a revelation that raises some concern because it suggests that the woman is a long time in preparation – even had checked the baby girl Emma soon arrived in the real world. Ingrid's goal is similar to that of Zelena: have that family that was denied, What that believes it can get instead of putting her deceased sisters (Helga and Gerda) Elsa and Emma, as with a power, I like his at the time, is misunderstood and feared even by relatives. While we know the reaction of the rulers of Arendelle, leave somewhat amazed i Charming, those who should be sweeter and parents understanding of the universe, but in "The Snow Queen" exhibit an unexpected terror in front of the little daughter's self-control, especially mom Snow. And I don't mean much to scare for stroke suffered by Charming, How to distrust in entrusting his daughter little Neal, just because because of its power could not hide the jealousy of the brother. After three years in which I have always fielded on the Snow, in this case I defend Emma: It is understandable that fails to live quietly all the attention with which parents fill the little brother as if it were their first child; However for them to be done as if it were, they know that Emma is particularly sensitive about the topic of childhood, then I would have expected greater sensitivity. Despite the lack of an age difference, in the relationship with the daughter they are adults and should be able to keep those understanding tones that have always had when she rejected, don't lose it just because she is wiser now and have a baby. Not to mention that so do the Snow Queen game.


In the same episode we discover just the latter's past, that showing the past with her sisters and Rumple it delivers the location addressed by allowing us to understand the woman because of her need to rebuild the relationship between sisters. Although Ingrid has had to endure the same sense of shame for his power felt by Elsa, on the other hand, she had two sisters who loved and supported unconditionally, exactly how did Anna once discovered the truth. Rumple had sought and obtained the tape symbol of love between the three sisters in return for gloves that would have prevented the amphora the Snow Queen to hurt someone. But never underestimate the rule "Magic always comes with a price" and the power of the various forms of true love. What binds the three princesses of Arendelle is strong enough to overcome the lies immediately of the unforgettable Duke of Weselton, but is then destroyed by the same accident to Elsa: Ingrid strikes at the heart of Helga's sister, Note that Gerda – the mother of Anna and Elsa – cannot forgive. And’ really you to lock up the Snow Queen in the amphora and to ask Grand Pabbie to erase every memory of sisters. Elsa's mother had an opposite reaction to that of his daughter, Anna, the same time that Ingrid is expected of anyone who does not have a power similar to its: Elsa and Emma knows or will know soon what it feels like to be considered a monster by his family, then they can take the place of those sisters who once would never abandoned. The girl is played by Ingrid Brighton Sharbino, i.e. the Lizzie of The Walking Dead: a completely different context, but the killing of sister has an inevitable effect as déjà vu!


Of all the Disney Princesses Belle is my favorite and after seeing both in Lost both Roswell I can say I appreciate very well Emilie de Ravin. However this season I started to find the Belle of Once Upon A Time particularly irritating: You can be good at heart and in love as much as you want, but so dumb to Rumple also no, agree to be blinded by love, However a minimum of common sense in addition to her I would have expected. Her husband is good at carrying forward the dagger and lie when in "Family Business" looks like he's going to stumble in his own deception, She is too upset to be able to see the Dark One disobedience. All because of the guilt that comes from years: Belle is indirectly responsible for the disappearance of Anna, having preferred to try before saving the stone that would allow her to remember how her mother died (sacrificatasi for you) instead of the girl about to fall off a cliff (and then disappear from the Snow Queen). If it can be forgiven because it was an accident caused by Ingrid, are less inclusive than the lack of warning of Elsa at the time and especially now; Belle has passed various bets to avoid especially the Queen of Arendelle when his help would have been decisive. At this point the moral that always made her husband loses some’ of credibility, Although he continues to shamelessly deceive you, even when she asks him for forgiveness for having exploited the (fake) dagger. The promise made by the Dark One on the grave of his son Neal seems a distant memory away, It is taken to be a double-cross to get what she wants from the Snow Queen. And now also involves the grandson Henry turning it into his apprentice. Although the kid to go to him in hopes of finding out who is the author of the book "Once Upon A Time", the status of apprentice who has saddled his grandfather in relation to views of hat Fantasy (and its flashback) put that stuff from after school in a somewhat obscure.


The hesitation to Rumple's intentions are then inevitable thinking how did Hook, transforming it into his bitch. The Captain's desire to embrace his two-handed Emma on their first real date, It resulted in an opportunity for the Dark One to manipulate it at will and induce him to commit acts that are typical of the old Hook. Now that Emma starts to let go – on their first date was so adorable not to seem even more – she is forced by Killian archenemy Crocodile to commit evil deeds that are in danger of losing her beloved. The alternative was to immediately tell the truth about the wounding of Will Scarlet and I think would be the best choice to try to be really changed, but now it looks really too late. Considering that lies have short legs – particularly in the wonderful world of tv series – as Emma will react?

In Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Robin's half-brother, Will Scarlet, It was played by a young Christian Slater: unbearable and unreliable for .75 of film, You riabilitava in the final when he revealed the blood relationship that linked him to the Sherwood Archer and was ready to sacrifice himself to save his comrades from the scrolls hanging Sheriff of Nottingham. In Once Upon A Time Will lives of petty theft, away from the Group of outlaws led by brother, It's the classic cutup who elicits sympathy, But apart from a relationship with Robin again, hides a mysterious love suffering: from a chat between the two brothers discover that Will nearly killed the outlaws because of beloved woman. The fate of the latter is still unknown, but above all it is his identity, It might have something to do with the break-in at the library of the young Scarlet to book search Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?


It is certainly not put better Robin that just can't take off Queen from the heart, with all the ensuing guilt to Marian. Yet in recent years we have learned that true love can have various forms, starting with that between sisters as demonstrated by Anna and Elsa, No one else could help Marian? An alternative could be the son – the Kiss to Emma Henry in the first season and the third Queen has solved major problems – but it is still small and that was far from the mother is not of great help. At the moment we do not see a solution for the labor of love our beloved Queen, But if Operation Mongoose run by her son and keeps it interesting, the continuing suffering and doubt of Robin Hood risks becoming a bit in the long run’ boring; However his character manages to revive with the constant declarations of love and thanks to kiss with whom he decided to violate its code of "Be truthful, righteous and good "in" The Snow Queen ". Here totally forget the couple Kevin Reynolds film Robin-Marian to Robin-Queen.

The seventh episode ended with an agreement between the Snow Queen and Rumple: her tapes are returned her sisters while he is revealed as being able to use the magic Hat Fantasy. If the ambition of woman seems limited to Storybrooke, the goal of the Dark One looks much wider: go beyond the town without the risk of losing his powers and Belle. Once abandon Storybrooke was intended to regain appreciable son Baelfire, but now echoing the words of Ingrid "You want, In short, What all villains want. Everything ". Yes, Rumple is just changed!


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