Once Upon A Time – 4×01 A Tale of Two Sisters (Season Premiere) – by R.


And’ past one year from broadcast in cinemas Frozen Yet the excitement it caused throughout the public is beyond the wane: during the festivities of the dolls were nearly unavailable, remember perfectly each song and Elsa hairstyle is one of the most desired. If Glee decided to entrust to Lea Michele's performance of "Let It Go" for the Season Premiere, the authors of Once Upon A Time they chose to get the Queen of Arendelle – and in the wake of worldwide Frozen – to Storybrooke, engaged in the search for the missing sister. A more appropriate decision that saw the phenomenal success of the film, but now we have to see if they can handle it to the best; see how they managed to do last season between Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch I have few doubts about their ability, Although this first episode I found too exciting.

The Season Premiere has focused on introducing the world of Frozen and the story of the two sisters, placed in 2 years after the events of the film; Anna is about to marry Kristoff, but the discovery of a diary of her mother makes a journey to the place where her parents were headed before he died: Misthaven, better known as the Enchanted Forest – it is a small world! The real mystery lies in the reason for the departure of the two sovereigns, not a diplomatic mission as had always thought, but finding something to stop the power of ELSA that was "terrifying" – then send them an unknown bottled message during storm, whose fate remains unknown. In the film the Queen was coming to accept it as it was and with love for the sister had learned to handle his power. Now everything is in danger of being swept away by the mother's words that the report "climate conceal, don't feel, Don't let them know ", further worsened after the death of Anna during her trip. We don't know exactly how much time has passed since the departure of the latter, But today Mr shop Elsa in his Gold Pendant. In Storybrooke we see a Elsa scared, that leaves itself dominated by fear, Unleashing his power, like what happened at the time of his coronation: City spaces are invaded by ice and the giant snowman runs here and there. Unfortunately still not turned to Emma&Co.. Congratulations to the authors for the choice of actresses: Georgina Haig is perfect in every way in the role of Elsa, While Elizabeth Lail reflects well the appearance and awkwardness of Anna, Although personally I find that at times some risks’ falling into annoying. I can't say anything about Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff: the unforgettable Cappie of Greek always good, Maybe he would've left long hair, but it seems not to Elsa is a big fan of Regal little future brother-in-law and the shortest cut should be a "favor" against him.


Apart from the arrival of the Queen of Arendelle, two were the big cliffhanger with which we greeted the third season: La rediviva Maid Marian that destroys the happy ending of Queen and that Rumple, Despite the wedding, continues to hide in Nice to be still in possession of the true Dark dagger One. The Evil Queen moves on a razor's edge between the old bad habits (the recovery of his friend Sidney Mirror to eliminate obstacle to its happy ending) and experienced over the latest happenings (Save Marian by giant snowman). Fortunately, the authors have not backed the return of his evil side, a regression would be devoid of any logic and terribly boring. Robin Hood is keen to make it clear to Regina that for him his past by villain doesn't count "The woman I know is the furthest thing from a monster", defending it in fact the initials Marian charges; tuttavia, Although his feelings for her still exist, cannot turn our backs on what is still his wife and mother of his son. Queen respects the idea that the beloved has for her, no longer the past Monster – the ultimate test came from her rival rescue – is able to fight against the dark side that has for a long time dominated, but this does not deny the spirit of women, that does not let some fool from before passing, Although this is the great love of Robin Hood. Sidney doesn't believe the change of his sovereign and Henry does not hide her fear of returning villain, Yet the plan denies them woman: Queen wants to change the stories from the book of the son so give happy endings just to good. There is no denying the genius of such a gimmick, but it will work? This involves modifying the fate of various characters from fairy tales, thing as Zelena will change the past – could lead to shocking results and very different from those expected. It also won't be easy, If the curse against Snow required the heart of someone you love more, who knows what will.


Rumple remains on the ambiguous. The man swears on Neal's grave will be the man for whom he sacrificed, beginning with the lie that started marrying Belle. The way you choose is not just for men: instead of tackling the wife, hidden daggers swap; agree not wanting to ruin the honeymoon, but could wait some more’ and make things right, as usual, chose the path of coward. In addition, each resolution is abandoned again when in that House Beautiful chose to spend our honeymoon – and there is the mystery of its own – there is an object that attracts attention of Rumple, whom, activating it through the real dagger, brings up the wizard hat by Fantasy. There is hope for a complete redemption of Rumpelstiltskin? As the tent man now arrayed on the side of good, the thirst for power seems always lying in wait to drop it in some sin. I don't blame him for having succumbed to the vengeance Zelena, After all, he had killed his son mercilessly, but a minimum of self-control in front of another magical trinket!

I can't of course forget about Emma Swan they finally gave us much satisfaction in season finale: Goodbye to the constant pout, nonsense complaints, the rejection of magic and love! Unfortunately I had played around with excessive optimism. Does the backward steps we had accustomed – in that case Snow and Charming should have signature from disowning the signature! – But back to the precious with poor Hook. Killian has waited a year because it would give him a kiss without then deny him and now she asks him to be patient… of grace, Emma, how much longer should be and why? "There is no me and Hook (...) well I don't know what there is ", I'm sorry, but it's not acceptable, What else should you do the poor guy?


Little room for couple SnowCharming; He wonders whether it was not better to give the baby the name Baelfire instead of Neal: Although actually Baelfire hit more, both we and them we known Neal, so I find it a more correct choice (possibly there is always the second name).

This first episode is served primarily as an introduction to the universe Frozen and bases of storyline ahead, not particularly exciting, but still a nice get together after the break. Also the Beautiful scene and Rumple that dance to the tune of Beauty and the Beast, suitably dressed, It is a moment of celebration of a story that is worth all the stake.


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