Once Upon A Time – 4×02 White Out – by R.


White Out is a classic episode of Once Upon A Time: step back in time at the Enchanted Forest face not only to the development of the storyline, but also to illustrate the psychological evolution of the characters – which of course you are all crossed without even realizing it, exactly how the survivors of Lost. This time the protagonist is Charming, that back in the days when it was still a poor farmer with the terrible long hair, He had known Anna (When, however, as Joan). The girlfriend of his close friend Kristoff help him to overcome one of the first essential steps for it to become the brave Prince known today: told with the catchphrase of John Cena "Never give up" and, as Anna says says, When the battles seem impossible "Those are exactly the battles you should fight". And’ Thanks to her if Charming becomes a fighter, one who never gives up even when everyone plays against him, saying goodbye to that farmer fearful ready into submission before the despot on duty. Makes an odd effect see David thus yielding, completely different from what we have always seen, even in flashbacks more back in time; This is especially true if we take a few steps back, that is when he had chosen for his curse Zelena to get the ingredient of courage. You have to say thankfully he crossed paths with Anna in his path! The opponent that Charming faces in the Enchanted Forest is Bo Peep, better known to the public, Disney as the Shepherdess with lambs in love with Woody in Toy Story, Although its origin is attributed to the protagonist of a famous English nursery rhyme "Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep". Woody I certainly would never have had a soft spot for this version of Bo Peep, a real tyrant that if nothing gets by the owners of the area payment which requires brings it all away and mark as new members of his flock, always recognizable thanks to its magic stick.


To Curse begins to emerge a parallelism between Emma and ELSA, thing considering how much I love Elsa and nervous that tends to provoke me Emma puts me a little’ in difficulty, Although actually their positions are not much different. Both met with a power who can't manage and – a hostile climate that had been created around (Elsa's parents haven't really done anything to support it), the other because it was suddenly catapulted into a fairytale world – they feel dominated by fear of not knowing how to deal with everything that comes his way "Sometimes, It all feels like too much, doesn't it? And even trying to just shut it out…that ends up hurting people, too ". Watch Emma through the eyes of Elsa is in serious danger of getting me to be sympathetic with Miss Swan, Although still find difficult to justify its continued to reject Hook – that poor man must hope that Storybrooke will always be hit by new disaster so that you can find in the subsequent operations, at the moment he has no chance of a real date. And say that the embrace of featuring after Emma is freed from the ice wall speaks for itself on their bond!


Anna pendant allows David to recognize in the sister sought by Elsa that Joan who played a decisive role in his life and invokes the words she had aimed to help the Queen of Arendelle to win his battle: check out his power – even without the support of Anna – to save the lives of Emma. Now we can all unite to find Anna, that even if the stick of Bo Peep is unable to determine, you know at least who is alive.

The funniest moment of the episode is up to Snow White, that still in post-partum hormonal storm is being dragged from Granny, Grumpy and Happy at the power plant to solve the blackout caused by the wall of ice; the three make it in fact aware of a situation that should have been obvious for some time now, but that nobody ever thought: now that Queen is defeated, she recovered his Kingdom, so should reign, What that translated for the town of Maine means doing as Mayor. Snow understands why the trio had become so bad when that Queen exasperates to the point of exploding into an outlet totally amazing for her character, always calm and reasonable no matter what happens "I'm starting to get why Regina was evil. It wasn't her! It was you! You have survived your entire lives without light bulbs! Buy a flashlight!". It must be said that the three that if had it coming, never upset a mother who gave birth recently, but I fully understand the drama of the blackout: they will also have lived a lifetime without grace of electricity unlike my, but just a few hours to get used to the joys of "computer, TV, DVD, CD, DVR, DVD "and see the blackout the Apocalypse.

In total contrast instead Queen, who is the star of a new heartwarming moment with her son: Henry has shown since the pilot that doesn't give up for what they believe – after all, Charming and Snow are her grandparents – and cannot accept that the mother may herself for grief, consisting from Marian's story "You can give up on yourself, but I'm not going to give up on you "! (...) And I miss my mom ". You don't even need to comment on how that kid is always adorable.


Towards the end of the episode the main storyline of this new season is emerging and Rumple cannot play a role in everything, negative of course. David's mother had given Anne her name, as the most powerful wizard who maybe could help her; We leave so the girl as it heads from him, yet before the questions of Charming and Hook on the owner of the pendant the Dark One denies knowing her. Just don't make it to follow the straight path, not even for his beloved wife Belle apparently. But Rumple isn't the only one to watch out for: Finally makes its appearance Elizabeth Mitchell – the unforgettable Juliet Lost – confirming within seconds of play a role by villain. Are you the owner of ice cream of the curse and manifests the same power to the hilt when the blackout does not cause any harm to her ice cream, because the woman doesn't need electricity to keep it cold. And therefore may be only you to have retained the ice wall surrounding the city, preventing Elsa to destroy it. We have the new villain of the season, Once Upon A Time really takes off!


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