Once Upon A Time – 4×03 Rocky Road – by R.


The fourth season of Once Upon A Time meshes very well with this third episode, that starts to frame the villain with little clues, but leave already guess that it is far more extensive than would have appeared. If in fact it could think that it was a matter between the Snow Queen, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, and ELSA, at the end – thanks to Rumple, You obviously already know everything – We find that in between there is also Emma, but he doesn't remember having ever met Professor. Even the Queen of Arendelle has no memory of her who in the past occurred as her aunt (!) (mother's side), There will really be this blood tie? ELSA would finally explaining to his power that much want, But if it did because her parents have never revealed this truth? To Curse the Snow Queen wants to convince her the hard way – the revolt against the city and death threat Hook than to Arendelle had told with (devious) sweetness "Eventually, everyone turns on people like us. Even friends. Even family. They're just waiting for a reason ". ELSA is that different which scares and that is intended to be excluded or worse, the monster to fall immediately at fault and must be knocked down. In fact we pointed that Marian was hit by a spell chilling because all the inhabitants of the curse he should against; Although by personalities from the world of fairy tales I would have expected something better, It must be recognized that they are champions in different hunts: the town of Gaston against the beast – and also against Belle's father for his inventions – and just last season Once Upon A Time the immediate accusation towards Regina to the advent of the second curse. But while Granny and Grumpy doesn't surprise, quite different is the reaction before the story of the Snow Queen: Anna would the one who penned Elsa on that amphora! After an instinctive "Liar!"towards the character of Mitchell, reflection could also be the truth, part at least. It wouldn't surprise me if shortly Elsa remembered suddenly Anna with her pitcher in hand, confirming that version, But if it really happened, There would certainly be a logical justification, just like Snow when it launched the second curse. The context is always important!


We don't know anything yet about the role of Emma, except for the base of the Snow Queen, It is best that you don't remember meeting you. I appreciate this choice of authors to involve her in the front line against the new villain and not as a simple aide-Elsa: integrate the world of Frozen with that of Once Upon A Time is undoubtedly more effective and interesting storyline that does not put it without logic just to build on the success of the film – otherwise the effect would have been the same for several stories of Glee, throw out there to impress with a bet and then abandoned without explanation. Also we are giving away a sequel to Frozen that is very satisfying, the forthcoming wedding of Anna and Kristoff are passed to the answer to a question that I posed at the end of the film: What will happen to Prince Hans? The idea that his twelve brothers could "punish" seemed unlikely, After all, in their view, the conquest of Arendelle would be a gain. And in flashback to this episode the principles – although absolutely skeptical toward the little brother – accompany him into the realm of Elsa to defeat it, taking them so on the throne. And’ Hans to bring the amphora in which the Snow Queen had been imprisoned; Thankfully it is a genius and he hadn't thought to check it was empty, but given what now happens to Storybrooke, the annoying young man is still the source of "A series of unfortunate events" – Despite his threat allows Elsa to watch Kristoff through different eyes, finally! I can not fail to new Kudos for casting, the similarity between the Disney film and the Hans Once Upon A Time is awesome!


Continues the parallelism between Elsa and Emma, with the first which helps Hook to understand the behavior of his beloved "When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, It can be hard to let people in, to trust them. Even when they want what's best for you ". Being almost impaled by icicles gives a mainspring to the relationship between Emma and Hook, with fear of her losing the pirate – actually has a record of former deceased on prettier not indifferent – which is reassured by the words of the man "My love", you don't have to worry about me. If there's one thing I'm good at, It's surviving ". Can they get a appuntameno worthy of the name?

And now the other source of all trouble, Maid Marian, falling victim to the magic of Snow Queen not only gives rise to revolt against Elsa, but put back into a bad position Queen, forced scrambling to save the life to rival. This situation has at least the merit of bringing to light the true feelings of Robin Hood: the kiss of true love with Marian doesn't work because he loves Queen. Like any self-respecting soap opera teaches, When the main character returns with his first wife miraculously reborn is always the beginning of a tragedy and also in the ABC series this is the route now marked; among other things he had seen in the first season when David – recovered from his coma – had said goodbye to Mary Margaret to return with his wife Kathryn, or in Grey’s Anatomy with Derek that she left Meredith – despite that wonderful statement – to mend her marriage to Addison: It is useless, stay with your loved one that you save yourself and us so much suffering!


The fourth season was alive and becomes more and more interesting; This not only helps the novelty Snow Queen with its mysterious history, but especially the veteran Rumple, that is always involved and always in negative. So many questions about him, What will take the hat by Fantasy What happened with Anna, his relationship with the Snow Queen. At the moment there is only one certainty: all the good intentions with which wanted to celebrate her marriage to Beautiful finished look into oblivion, as if the initial lie with which had stained is propagating endlessly its effects. The total change seems impossible, but so far it seems you could say the same of its improvement. On the other hand if Neal's death was not enough what will happen?


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