Once Upon A Time – 4×08-09 Smash the Mirror – by R.


"Where is Anna?", the question that kicked off this fourth season of Once Upon A Time Finally finds success in a double episode that marks great progress both on the emotional level of the characters is on the storyline. And the answer is the most trivial and unexpected at the same time that we could think of: Anna is at home, to Arendelle, frozen for years along with all other inhabitants of the realm to "courtesy" of Snow Queen; exactly the last place where he dreamed of Elsa searching.

All the remaining gaps are filled, confirming the obvious mental disorder of Ingrid and the incurable ruthless selfishness of Rumple. They are the real protagonists, engaged in a long-distance challenge he sees Emma Centre and its power: for Ingrid is the fundamental quality of his would-be sister, While it wants to Rumple that to add to the magical hat. The madness of the Snow Queen is worthy of an episode of Criminal Minds, convinced they could recreate the Sisterhood Elsa Emma and isolating children from those who love, but rather than physically remove their loved ones one by one as it would a normal serial killer, She intends to use the power of his magic mirror. The latter's role was not clear, had been revived several times in previous episodes almost without a logical link, with the exception of the episode that revealed the secret of beautiful, whose image reflected is now an meaning clearer: She saw another Beautiful, a Pretty bad, with the sole purpose to send her in crisis, but a part of herself, What encloses its darkest emotions, that isn't even able to admit. This is what the Snow Queen takes lead in all Storybrooke, to turn against one another, exactly what got long before against Anna and ELSA. And’ was the first to put his sister in the urn, After having reproached the years in which he denied the Hilt – missed the quote "Do you wanna build a snowman?", but the "Go away" Anna "was still effective – making believe that it could be all his fault. Then Ingrid had told the truth, but of course not all; Anna has betrayed Elsa, but it was under a spell and although this was only out his feelings hidden anymore, It is also true that were determined from being able to see only the worst in people you love: It was as if at that time the girl missing a whole part of the picture, a lack of contextualization that always creates many damage. I liked the dark version of Anna, look and smile have made perfectly the perfidy that dominated the character at that time.


If the Snow Queen is not well head, Rumple is a power-hungry without hope of redemption. "I'm a man who makes wrong decisions, selfish decisions. (...) And each time, The meticulously undid all the good. Neal is still gone, the town is still in danger, and Belle, for better or worse, She knows who I am and that's the man who always chooses power "with these words the man sweeps away any possibility of change for himself; He's the first to disbelieve you can change, He knows that even if can do something good in the end his thirst for power will lead him to ruin everything: so it was with Baelfire and so will most likely be with beautiful. In fact many occasions Rumple had to give a cut to the past, but then it has always been a hundred steps back; with the death of Neal would have to tap that Fund, only able to encourage it to a definite improvement, but even that wasn't enough. I don't see what else might help now that is willing to deprive the nephew of mother to achieve its purpose.

Fortunately Elsa does brother Koji Emma. The Savior is in the same situation of the Queen of Arendelle in Frozen: escapes from his loved ones when, because of the fear that dominates, accidentally injures Henry. ELSA is the only one that can understand it fully, While teaching the "moral of the story" as told by Once Upon A Time: not enough love and acceptance of others, It must first of all love and accept ourselves just as we are, with our qualities and our faults, otherwise we could never be comfortable with others. Emma had finished his third season finally coming to understand that Storybrooke and the world of fairy tales are his home, She is fabulous as others; but his power remained a question mark because – as Elsa – Nobody in his family has. Actually the problem had never been placed until Ingrid did not suggested, It is true that Emma was not good at managing it, but someone was never seriously concerned? And’ suddenly everything exploded, with great surprise contribution from mom and dad, even faced with the decision of getting rid of it think that this really could be the best solution. It is not a tattoo or an ugly outfit that you can undo at will, that power is part of you that stubbornness inherited from mom Snow; serves Queen to make them think, Let us realize, Snow at least has the excuse of post pregnancy hormones, but Charming?! Parents apart, When Emma accepts herself shaking hands of Elsa, In addition to being very emotional, consecrates the relationship between the two and lets Miss Swan to give the best of themselves: as Elsa at the end of Frozen, She is also able to do wonderful things with his power.


"I'm a fan of every part of you", yet another romantic Declaration of Hook, It follows that the first part of this double episode, where for fear that his beloved to commit a fatal nonsense confesses her secret, while risking to lose it forever. "I just wanted to be a better man for you, Swan. But I failed. And now because of it, I might lose you. I'm sorry. But I hope you never forgive me because that means that you'll get this in time to save yourself ", If it is true love this! Killian prefers that you despise forever just to see her alive, the exact opposite of what he had done in the past with Rumple Milah. And the crocodile continues to exploit the love of captain to achieve its objectives, but now it does so even more ruthless: Evil Queen version, the Dark One rips the heart to Hook in order to destroy it as soon as he will have done make all he wants. We are in a situation similar to that of regret Sheriff Graham (a reminder that falls perfectly since we are in the first weekend of release of 50 Shades of gray) in the first season, deprived of the heart Queen, He then promptly destroyed at the moment of the kiss between him and Emma. That was one of the first scenes of the series shocks, but the story with the hunter was just starting, so it was not difficult to recover: With Hook would be obviously anything, do not take even consider the idea!


Because It Queen understand that thinking always in negative draws only other negativity to the admission of Snow She was a little girl "selfish and shallow" – EH Yes, She was really annoying – "You're not all evil and I'm not all good. Things are not that simple ". A teaching that Once Upon A Time There is always transmits that everyone has so many facets and also the pure heart of a heroine as Snow White can get stained in black. When the Queen starts to actually believe that for her there might be a chance of a happy ending, Here is magically appear a page 23 other than the one entered in the book of Fables and to Sliding Doors view what would have happened if it was at the time entered in the Inn: the first kiss with Robin Hood. I hope that this upturn does not mean the abandonment of the Operation Mongoose, now that I have put the flea in the ear pretend to know who is the author of the book.

As I see the sorcerer's hat – and not Rumple jumps off a strange version of Mickey Mouse! There's him behind the arrival of Ingrid in United States as far back as 1982 – which means that Anna is hibernated for over thirty years, not since sleeping beauty sleep, but it's still quite a bit – willing to help her in her insanity in order to get his hat; He, too, so it's not so pure. But if the sorcerer has lost his hat – found completely unguarded in the honeymoon home of Rumple and beautiful – the Snow Queen has succeeded in his aim: Yellow sisters tapes allow her to channel the powers of Emma and Elsa and Storybrooke gets hit by the curse of the mirror. The town of Maine does not have own peace! If it works, small riots organized by Grumpy Granny and will only be a fun memory. When Snow Queen takes Rumple, But if the lack of heart by Killian we add the effects of spell of Ingrid, It is said that the latter cannot help the Dark One in getting what he wants from the Captain.


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