Once Upon A Time – 4×10 Fall – Review by R.


Episodes of Once Upon A Time where there's a curse are always very exciting, just remember what happened a year ago with the Mid-Season Finale "Going Home". "Fall" will not have a poignant farewell as the latter, but it's still a lot of moving. The weather invokes the spell from which the series began, that launched by the Evil Queen in the pilot, with Snow and Charming forced once again to split from their newborn to save him from the effects of the new curse; and of course from Emma, to which they entrust the little Neal. Queen had erased their memory, condemning them to live a life that didn't belong to him, unaware of the feelings that would tie them; Ingrid will be dominated by their dark side, Choking back every glimmer of love and affection: "Tearing each other apart," this is what will happen once the mirror fragments will emerge the darkest feelings of the inhabitants of Storybrooke – an exaggerated version of the normal "riots" of Granny and Grumpy, I'm imagining already armed with sticks and picks. You could argue that using a new curse is repetitive, However on one side we are talking about a series that celebrates the world of fairy tales, where the spells are the norm; on the other the dynamics between the characters are different from the past: Besides the fact that despite the magic will know who I am, all, beginning with the protagonist Emma, I changed a lot, they discovered and understood new shades of themselves. Bring out the dark side of the characters confirms what was said by Snow at Queen in the previous episode "You're not all evil and I'm not all good. Things are not that simple "; If they were white or black or the spell fragments of mirror might not have any effect: for heroes (Snow) There would be no dark sides to bring out, for villains (Queen) would not change anything. In this episode when it comes to deciding between save the entire city or Anna, Snow agrees with the Evil Queen opting for the good of the majority at the sacrifice of Elsa's sister: If the neo-Mayor was devoted exclusively to fine such a choice could never do it and most importantly would never say "It seems Elsa's blind faith is exactly what's screwing us right now", joke that even Queen is terrifying uttered by her – even Emma is more optimistic towards the faith of Elsa; same reasoning for the findings with respect to the past not Candide to Belle in "Family Business". On the contrary if the Evil Queen was a pure villain, would be immune as the Dark One.


As suggested by its name and from recent actions, the latter cannot worsen. The same choice to bring along Belle and Henry It is an act of selfishness – otherwise I would so shamelessly his wife and would not let his nephew without mothers. "If I have to choose between everyone else and me… wins me every time "is a simple phrase that best describes. Announce to Hook that this will be his last day of life – but not before I have done one more thing for him – is the icing on the cake of his wickedness. The kiss between Killian and Emma is a terrible time, because we know that the man is the last with his beloved, the Goodbye Kiss; After all they had to endure to conquer it! Miss Swan she was impressed by the intensity manifested, but, of course, be expected to depend on the impending curse. Returning to Rumple, Belle has at its disposal, ready to blindly follow everything that he will tell you, But Henry? In addition to being locked in the Office of Queen of magic – the Dark One will be powerful, but the Evil Queen is not less – could hardly leave you enchanted by his grandfather's words: has already shown time and again to be smarter than many other, What does open my eyes even I should learn to look a little’ further books.


To raise the level of emotion we think the reunion between the Sisters of Arendelle, better managed on the side ELSA (with further evidence of the indestructible bond that unites) that of Anna, forced into a series of adventures together with Kristoff, both at the mercy of power plays by Hans (ancora!) and the pirate Blackbeard (of which I'm not a big fan, so it could also remain where it was). The storyline of Anna improves when at the bottom of the sea starts to pronounce vows not to die without marrying her Kristoff and reaches a climax with the desire expressed by Elsa, which brings up two lovers and then find the two sisters – it turns out that the pendant from Anna is the Wishing Star sought in the past by parents in their journey.


Due to Rumple that took advantage of hooks to catch the fairies, It's too late to stop the curse. Shortly before the fall of the fragments of mirror, Snow and Charming scramble into two cells, Kristoff cuffing at your desk, Queen imprisons in its crypt, Robin Hood is tied to a tree; all options that recall the techniques exploited by werewolf during full moon nights, by Oz in Buffy Tyler in The Vampire Diaries. It is not difficult to imagine what he might do Queen – the heart of Marian is in serious danger – different speech for Snow and Charming, What is rinfacceranno? Or maybe they will throw against Emma reminding her what made them suffer for a shred of affection over the last three years? "You know, We share a heart, and nothing can come between two halves of one heart ", Remember David his wife. Yes! I almost forgot! At that moment I believed that that Act of love could protect them from the curse: though they share the same heart, How might the emergence of feelings of hatred that they clash? Unfortunately the denial comes immediately; as soon as the fragments of mirror cover their eyes, the look of love between them disappears giving way to what looks like real hatred – Snow he disquieted several.

In the next installment we may find ourselves facing a Curse turned into battlefield; so far the true love has always been the best antidote to every curse, But if all you haters, a kiss that awakening their true feelings is an impossible task! It is not said, however, that Anna there amaze with her love for Kristoff – being just him victim of magic! And let's not forget that along with the trunk into which they had locked up the two boyfriends, showed the bottle with the message of the parents of the two sisters launched at sea before the shipwreck (the scene that started this new season); If you were to be useful to break the spell of the Snow Queen, will be the one that the former rulers of Arendelle have done a right thing!


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