Once Upon A Time – 4×11 Shattered Sight – Review by R.


The Snow Queen cycle comes to its conclusion so sentimental and exciting, the opposite of what had happened so far with the villains of the various protagonists storyline; No swords, painful sacrifices or struggles till the last breath, to triumph are love and happy ending, what a, as we learned, It is not always as we imagine.

The Shattered Sight curse has fallen on Storybrooke bringing its inhabitants to a-in fact – "shattered sight" of each of them: mirror snippets only show the dark side of various characters, ready to accuse (and worse) one another until the mutual destruction. And so Happy Grumpy axle with a crossbow (What satisfaction!), Regina returns to be the Evil Queen, Snow in Charming accused of not being a real Prince, While the man insinuates that baby Neal could be son of Frankenstein. They give us the best moments of the episode by stealing the scene to attempt to Emma and ELSA stop the Snow Queen. Review Evil Queen It is a great pleasure, detracting from its perfect evolution, but the fairy-tale version of Queen is unsurpassed, in the first season he contended strongly in Snow White. Set aside the rivalry with Emma (that resolves the problem quickly yellow ribbons), the Evil Queen shows in their feud with spotlight Snow from where it all began, the Princess who squeals to Cora's secret love Queen; between the two begins a true clash of swords "You said you could keep a secret!"e"…was…ten!" – Ok, Snow, you had ten years, but the concept of secret is not so complicated! – who is tragi-comic laugh as witnessed by that erupt both when the curse is broken.


If version Evil Queen is a delightful throwback, Snow is a fun novelty, being almost tender in his motions of anger and malice intended to silence "You know what, Swiss Miss? You do know me. Pick flowers. I talk to birds. I do all kinds of warm, Fuzzy things. And you know what else? The kill. Snow White's a murderer. I killed the Evil Queen's mommy. And I said I was sorry…and I didn't mean it ". Although the sweet Anna affected remains, Mary Margaret can't be evil to 100%, even under spell: the worst for her is you apologized without really feeling it and throw her husband her identity from Pastor; Charming There is definitely heavier than reminding the brief affair with Frankenstein. Yet the love between the two is also under the curse, manifesting itself in full when Snow and the fruit of their true love are "threatened" by the Evil Queen (Although here don't miss the irony with the Snow towards the latter "You think this spell has made me angry? Do not wake my baby!", an explosion of anger that would affect every mother regardless of a spell).


Anna is left by her sister and Emma to babysit Neal, but especially in Snow, Charming and Kristoff and being the only one not affected by the curse, becomes the main target of their malice, starting from her boyfriend; What ever could blame Kristoff sweet Anna? The haircut is already a good point., but most of all the continued postponement of the wedding, poor guy, with 30 years of waiting is having more patience to Liam with Hope Logan in Beautiful! In this situation, Anna makes a lot of tenderness and, Besides being the main creator of the solution of the spell, is a source of fun and Snow Queen: with the monologue aimed at an unconscious Kristoff, the youngest of the Sisters of Arendelle conquers us permanently.


The episode is punctuated by flashbacks to the time spent by Ingrid awaiting the arrival of Emma to Storybrooke (and in the same Storybrooke), Since the appearance in Boston 1982 the custody of the teen Swan. In the latter period Ingrid is completely different from how we met her, is sweet, loving, including, fun… for Emma is the mother (or sister) perfetta, what he never had, so much so that not only the girl is thrilled to be taken from her, but also in the eyes of the spectator makes almost forget la folle Snow Queen who is condemning the fairytale characters to self-destruction; see her so inevitably leads to being upset about the fate that awaits, Since his death the only way to break the curse. Generally, all explanatory flashbacks villain's plan are shown in the episodes prior to the final battle, the decision to include them in the latter serves to put Ingrid in a different light, that hope for her a deserved happy ending despite everything. And we are perfectly able.


And’ Anna, its main enemy, to give it to her, retrieving the letter written by her mother Gerda before sinking: in that message the woman's daughters told the truth about her sisters and asked forgiveness for Ingrid, meglio tardi che mai! Anna does think aunt Ingrid, forgiving as implicitly did "I'm not like you. My mother wasn't like you. But if she was able to love you for who you are, so can I. You're a part of our family no matter what. And family never gives up on each other ". The Snow Queen initially reacts with anger, but reading with their own eyes of the last words of Gerda finally realize the evil that caused. The betrayal had led sister Ingrid strengthening of that attitude that she criticized in other, the rejection of diversity. The Snow Queen was the first to look for a way to hide itself and its power to others and further the hatred of Gerda did believe that they cannot live with people not serena as she, a kind of reverse discrimination. Anna would never be refused if she first had not acted with malice, Now you can understand that "I am a monster, not because of my powers, but because of what I let them turn me into ". A tragic Epiphany because late, with the spell already in place the only way to fix it is to sacrifice. Ingrid let his own curse kill, but it was happy because he got her happy ending, as the apprentice had predicted: Finally there is the love of his real sisters, Elsa Emma and not from which claimed love only by virtue of the power they have in common. With message in a bottle Arendelle rulers make the first good thing since we saw them in Frozen!


Little space Rumple, that doesn't seem the least bit bothered by the curse breaking fast and has already prepared a plan to appear in the eyes of Belle and Henry like a hero once they are away from Storybrooke: they will have no memory of the last day and he will tell you that he tried to save those who could by destruction of the city "won't be a villain, I'll be a hero ". In practice, a result similar to that of Shattered Sight given that Belle and Henry will know only part of the truth; with the first there probably wouldn't even need to clear memory, still believe every word of her husband – It's not even been interesting in this episode saw who did nothing but sleep! Hook – saved from the curse because they are no longer in possession of your heart – has the thankless task of bringing Henry to Rumple. But the kid is not accommodating as the companion of grandfather and prepares a trap for the pirate worthy of Kevin McCallister in Mamma Ho Perso l'aereo; Henry already is the only child that I always found it funny and not annoying like everyone else (the type of the protagonist of son The Strain), with this "tribute" to my favorite movie I can only worship him more and more.


The sentimentality with which ended the storyline of Snow Queen triumphs with the final reunion of the protagonists, all about Snow and Charming in the heart of Storybrooke, with Emma hugging her parents Henry and his two moms. See Miss Swan so happy and affectionate with me mum and dad still makes a strange, but nice effect, Finally a Grouch and sad that we left behind. As Ingrid, She seemed very different in his adolescence with the latter, a peaceful and dreamy Emma, Harry Potter fans-something that I never expected and that will earn a lot of points in the eyes of my colleague's., Although the story with Killian. The only drawback in this perfect ending is the absence of poor Hook, who cannot rejoice with others. The next episode is the Season Finale and given the circumstances (and the title "Heroes and Villains") should be focused on the Dark One. Considering how last year went to make kleenex stock, but they were also essential in these latest episodes, cannot be any moving time!


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